Do we need an amber list?


Would it not be clearer if the amber list did not exist, since the government advises against all but essential travel. Wouldn’t it be better to have just green and red lists?

Keeping an eye on the Amber list seems, in my opinion, pointless.

The places we want to visit and travel to are either allowed or not allowed? They are on the green list or they aren’t.

Pretty black and white right? I mean Green and Red.

The amber list exists as a means for country updates, but given the above is it really necessary?

The Independent travel Writer Simon Calder points out;

“There’s nothing wrong with the system but clearly there’s a great deal of concern about the way it is communicated and… this afternoon the way that the colours are allocated.”

Personally, I cannot abolish the amber list so I guess it’s here for a while, with the announcement that Portugal will be moved to the amber list it means UK tourists arriving in the country are now having to make new plans for their return whilst seven more countries are set to be added to the red lists, indicating they should only be visited in extreme circumstances.

There is also a strong expectation that there will be additions to the red list, transport correspondent Caroline Davies says.

Holidaymakers also need to check whether their destination allows tourists.

So basically,

We can all holiday in Iceland, freezing our tit’s off whilst scrolling through the BBC news app, eyeballing the amber list.


Take care,

Sammi xx

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4 thoughts on “Do we need an amber list?

  1. See I guess I am confused by an Amber List since here it stands for child abduction, this is where I do agree there should be a more streamline layout of travel.

  2. Here the only Amber list I knew of was about missing children. This year and last has been crazy with COVID regulation, so I guess it is good to know where traveling is allowed

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