National Sausage Roll Day? Free Sausage Rolls?


A vegan sausage roll vending machine is coming to the South Bank!

National Sausage Roll Day?

The National Sausage Roll Day is observed on June 5th every year. The sausage roll is a common go to snack loved by the British and to celebrate National Sausage Roll Day, a vending machine will be giving out free plant-based sausage rolls at London South Bank.

From 11.30am until 7pm, the Meatless Farm vending machine is going to be distributing the much loved meatless pastries to any who cares to take one.

It will only be there for one day, on Saturday June 5, so if you’re a sausage roll connoisseur you might want to get there fast.

Visitors to the vending machine will be able to enjoy their sausage roll hot or cold depending on their preference thanks to an inbuilt oven.

The vending machine will be found at London’s Observation Point, Southbank, and it will stand at 7ft high, so it won’t be easy to miss.

Our sausage rolls have a herby sausage filling that is made using pea protein to create a meaty, succulent texture and taste,” Meatless Farm said

“[They’re] so flavorsome even meat-eaters will think we’re telling porkies! 

“Each sausage roll has a perfectly crisp and flaky puff pastry which will have even the die-hard sausage roll fans jumping for joy.”

How did the Vegan Sausage Roll become so popular?

There really was a time when plant based and vegan choices were much more limited.

The sausage roll is a legendary snack in the UK.

Kids grow up on these types of treats, they have always been a kids party favourite and a lot of young people really wanted something that works with their new ethics, so demand was there.

Food chains had outlined plans for a vegetarian sausage roll in 2018 but CEO’s found that creating a tasty vegan version with broad appeal was “more difficult to achieve”. Hungry vegans responded with a petition, which was signed by over 20,000 people.

“The media, and probably we as a country, blow things out of proportion when we focus so much on the vegan segment,”

What has grown exponentially is actually meat reducers or flexitarians. Statistics show that 39% of British omnivores are actively reducing their meat consumption, and indeed half of meat-alternative sales are actually due to meat eaters.

Catch you at Southbank,

Sammi xx

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