Surviving R Kelly Part 2 – The Reckoning.

Surviving R Kelly Part 2 - The Reckoning.

Surviving R Kelly Part 2 – The Reckoning.

Surviving R Kelly Part 2 - The Reckoning.

Surviving R Kelly Part 2 – The Reckoning.


The second season of Lifetime’s harrowing documentary detailing decades of abuse allegations against the musician covers a larger culture of complicity. The disturbing saga of R. Kelly continues as the explosive documentary series seen by over 25 million people returns with the hotly-anticipated followup Surviving R. Kelly Part 2: The Reckoning.


In the trailer itself, we see new interviewees reflecting on their experiences with the ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ singer, as well as investigators unravelling more of this tangled web.

“When you trace what R Kelly has been accused of doing for years, you not only see a series of abuses, you also see a series of cover-ups,” one woman claims.

With further material from psychologists, supporters and cultural/legal experts, The Reckoning promises “more insights into the ever-growing saga of the R&B singer, who is currently facing federal and state charges”.


Following the original documentary’s debut earlier this year, The Reckoning also records what’s been happening in the alleged victim’s lives ever since they told their stories, with one in particular revealing that she’s received death threats.

Although the new 3 part series has been released in the US, the UK are yet to watch the next part of this grim tale.


Luckily for us we have Mr World Premiere and you can watch the series RIGHT HERE before it premieres in London.





EP 1

EP 2

EP 3

EP 4

EP 5


If the video does not load, use the ‘Alternative Link 1’ option beneath the video.





Post by: Sammi Swinton


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