Wiley threatens to ‘rip’ Stormzy’s mum’s weave out as Grime beef escalates.

Wiley threatens to 'rip' Stormzy's mum's weave out as Grime beef escalates.

Wiley threatens to ‘rip’ Stormzy’s mum’s weave out as Grime beef escalates.

Wiley threatens to 'rip' Stormzy's mum's weave out as Grime beef escalates.

Wiley threatens to ‘rip’ Stormzy’s mum’s weave out as Grime beef escalates.

“Godfather of Grime” Wiley and Glastonbury star Stormzy have been involved in a personal feud that has escalated since the beginning of 2020.

Wiley has criticised  Stormzy for working with Ed Sheeran on their single, Own It, the first number one of 2020.

The 40-year-old – best known for hits including Wearing My Rolex, Boasty and Heatwave – released the track Eediyat Skengman and accused Stormzy, 26, of having “never cared about grime, you just used it”.

Wiley also denotes Stormzy as the ‘King of Grime’ whilst spitting over the Holy Grime beat (which Wiley previously released featuring Devlin  – Bring Them All / Holy Grime)

In response, Stormzy shared his own song, ‘Disappointed’ in which he calls Wiley an “old man” with “a death wish”, says the only thing “bigger than me last year was Brexit”, and adds: “Mention my name for the clout, go figure.”

Providing visuals with his diss track in response to Wiley, fans were torn whether Stormzy’s approach over a drill beat was viable to compete, and on the other hand showed praise for being able to deliver a track and visuals in less than under 24 hours.

Stormzy used the Headie One X RV – Know Better instrumental which proved popular with fans of the Drill scene, revealing that he had ‘moved to’ Wiley’s younger brother/MC Cadell in front of the pairs father, and then claims Wiley brought him out on stage after. Stormzy and Cadell have been going back and forth sine 2015 and some people haven’t even clocked. It started with Cadell’s first Hotline track right up to Scary by Stormzy. You can get yourself caught up here, by watching this explanation.

Wiley, who in 2019 won the Ivor Novello award for inspiration, has now responded again with Eediyat Skengman 2. Flowing over previously released track ‘Send Me The Riddim’ Wiley shows how an instrumental can be brought back to life.

In the track, the veteran rapper accuses the younger star of owing him a “lump sum”, and asks his rival and his mother to “come and see me” threatening to “rip that weave off her head” in a new track.

Wiley, real name Richard Cowie, adds: “If I see your mum at Croydon market, I’m going to rip that weave off her head.”

A weave is a type of hair extension, we’ve included the urban dictionary definition out of the need for some banter to lighten the situation.


a form of hair extensions. often used by black women, and celebrites. it’s woven, or glued, into the hair from the track. if done rite, it comes out cute. it may even look real, if its done real good.
Nahoje: ooh Taquasha, yo weave is mad cute.
Taquasha: wat chu talkin bout? this ain’t no weave.i got
some cherokee indian in me.
Nahoje: girl, please. you black jus like the rest of us. you ain’t foolin nobody.


Today (8th January 2020) it has been going off!

With Stormzy sending again on new diss track ‘Still Disapointed’ spitting over legendary instrumental from Kano’s Mic Check whilst Wiley has clapped back quick time with Eediyat Skengman 3 leaving Stormzy the instructions, captioned ’24 hours to reply’





Just to make sure you stay in the loop we’ve included the videos below in order of retaliation so that you stay fully updated!

Wiley – Eediyat Skengman (Stormzy Send)


Eediyat Skengman 2 (Stormzy Send)


Eediyat Skengman 3 (Stormzy Send)


Alongside this serving of hot beef, Jaykae and Dot Rotten have both made their diss tracks public and you can watch those below;


Dot Rotten – Oi Stormzy , Sit Back Down

There has been a lot of talk over social media, regarding a response from Chip. But why is this being highly anticipated and how is Chip involved in this beef to be required to respond or get involved?

Cadell sent for Chip in his first diss track, in fact he sent for Chip right away, before he sent for Stormzy.

After that Chip and Stormzy dropped the Scholar produced track ‘Hear dis‘ which was interpreted as a send for Cadell, notably Stormzy’s verse.

Post by: Sammi Swinton


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