Translee kicks off UK Press Tour!

Translee kicks off UK Press Tour!


Translee kicks off UK Press Tour!


Translee kicks off UK Press Tour!

Translee kicks off UK Press Tour!


Today (Tues 26th November 2019) marks the start of Translee’s UK press tour!


What is a press tour you might ask?


So this is a week long event, where Sophie of Music in Motion PR has arranged all press outlets to interview Translee by way of blogs, radio, websites, social media and influencers.


The focus is on Translee’s latest track ‘Make Me Better’ which will be premiering across some of London’s most rated radio shows including The Beat FM during the run up to his exclusive listening party which completes the press tour on Sunday 1st December!


I, Sammi Swinton teamed up with Music in Motion PR today to kick off the first round of interviews alongside Mehul Bhatt and DJ Prime Child in a secret location in South London.

So if you’ve been following the blog and my interviews with artist’s you’ll know I like to build up rapport, start calm and find out the little things like where the artist comes from and identify how they shaped and styled their sound.


Translee spoke to me about his roots, he was born in Albany, a small country town in Georgia. After a while Translee moved to Alabama with his mother and stepfather where he continued high school education and advanced into college then onto marketing and business in Florence at University.

Speaking about his time growing up, Andre 3000 and Kendrick Lamar were heavily praised. We touched on musical influences and idols with Translee telling me;

I would definitely say Jay-Z & Kanye West… Ja Rule and 50 Cent… 

Drake is definitely a big influence due to the fact he has managed to stay on for so long. 

I’m a big fan of Adele, and I really like her songs.

Ironically I also like Cyhi the Prynce – One of my favourite rappers! You know Cyhi?

Sam: Nods in appreciation.


Getting to know a bit more about his surroundings Translee spoke about his hometown as a

‘Great society for black people to exist, create and manifest… but when you leave Atlanta and go to the outside area’s, it’s still country.’

Back to the music, Translee is a  Rising star and gifted lyricist, coming through with a new single that might be one of his best yet.

After sharing a few singles across the year, Translee returned with a new hit that is too gripping to forget. “Make Me Better” includes a high-tempo gospel sample and is nicely dressed up with additional drums and horns. Translee takes his time as he delivers nuggets of uplifting messages that will resonate the moment you press play. 


As a southern hip-hop artist Translee aims to help shift the lens currently locked in over the south. The levelled rapper speaks on the demands to appease the new generation.

“Every day ain’t the same, sometimes you want to talk about God, sometimes you want to talk about drugs, sometimes you want to talk about love.”


So what’s next for Translee whilst he is in London?

No names mentioned but the US Rap star is looking to collaborate whilst here and spend some time in the studio so stay updated as the press rolls out this week. Keep an eye out for the Triller video coming to your socials and be sure to tune in to our highlights of Translee’s listening party on Sunday 1st December 2019!


Follow Translee here. 

Listening Party and press enquiries should be directed to Music In Motion PR – HERE.





Post by: Sammi Swinton








Listen to “Make Me Better” below.




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