JY drops visuals for wavey track ‘Like That’

JY drops visuals for wavey track 'Like That'

JY drops visuals for wavey track ‘Like That’


JY has been drawing inspiration from the UK’s hottest talent and infusing afro beats to create wavey tracks with well known respected producer BigJ. 



A promising talent with self confidence, smooth flows and an eye for visualisation’ – Rapondemand.

Growing up JY was always around music and learnt a fair amount of skills and techniques from his family and peers. 
Spending most of his time working on his music and creating his musical mark, JY has been actively involved in social media rap challenges such as Ambushs’Man Can’t’ and enjoys staying up to date with all things music and building lasting network relationships.

Speaking exclusively to Sammi Swinton JY tells us how he got the name JY and a bit about himself;

“In school we had 2 Joshes so the mandem decided to call us by our initials so we didn’t get confused on who the mandem were talking to, hence JY and its simple.”

One thing he doesn’t leave out the house without wearing is Invictus ‘that is my aftershave, swear down that shit is magical.’


As a fan of Nipsey Hussle we touched on his thoughts about his untimely passing and he agrees that the whole situation was ‘too tragic, and all the bullshit the government are trying to make us believe about Brexit is just that. Bullshit.’

With a confident start to 2019, JY released his first video on his Youtube channel and is now back in the studio preparing for the follow up and working on a plan to consistently release his music and grab your ears!
Be sure to watch the video above, subscribe/support/share and follow JY here. 

Post by: Sammi Swinton



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