Meeting at the Jones Family Project in Shoreditch, myself and Sophie linked up with a bit of time to spare before Kritikz and management joined us. Releasing his newest track ‘Make A Way’ from his debut EP ‘Made In Croydon’ we had a little Spotify listening party before he met us and I was really impressed with the lyrical content and quality of his sound! I didn’t know much about him so a brief overview of Kritikz is a good place to start!


Kritikz is a recording artist from South London (Croydon) who first became interested in pursuing a career in music after being told by a former music teacher/engineer and producer, that he had great potential as an artist and could go far in the music industry. He’s a versatile artist, being a rapper singer and song writer with a large catalogue of music giving him thousands of views and plays across streaming platforms such as YouTube and Spotify.

Kritikz started his musical venture by releasing his debut joint project back in December 2011 as he was formerly a member of the duo group OdoubleM. The project was entitled Official Music Mayhem and featured artist’s such as Stormzy, PROTON and more. He then went onto release his first solo project being an EP entitled ‘Kriticise’ in the year 2013, and has since followed up with his debut solo mixtape entitled ‘MADE IN CROYDON’ featuring artist’s such as  Croydon rapper Big bullz/bully, Mr UPSTREAM from the group Rough copy, Ilianna from the 2019 year of the voice and more.

Kritikz has studied music for a good portion of his life, first attending Carshalton college studying music technology and then moving on to study commercial music performance at the University of Westminster. He has also had the opportunity of working closely with the legendary UK Garage group ‘So Solid crew’ and has received recognition from successful overseas recording artist such as singer song writer Eric Bellinger and Grammy nominated artist 6lack (Black). 

Introductions were in order and I must say this was one of the most easy and chilled interviews I’ve done so far.

‘Made in Croydon’ was unleashed earlier this year in February with debut track ‘Make A Way’ the first official release.

Before we got into the interview we was having a little chit chat about Notting Hill Carnival, what drinks people drink and how are you supposed to deal with that unwanted wine from that guy in carnival LOL

In a nutshell, I came out with Magnum and management said water… and about the unwanted dancing… well I was informed that apparently the ‘NO’ hand signal is the most useful way to tell that guy to leave you alone. A simple ‘No’ should do the trick, but being polite is the best way because you never know what the person is capable of.

So if you didn’t already clock where Kritikz is from by the title of his EP, then I am happy to inform you he is from Croydon, South London, born and raised. From the age of 17 Kritikz has been making music and credits Drake & Wretch 32 to name a few as his inspirations and influence of his music.


When I asked about his style of music he told me;

I am a lyricist, I took a lot of inspiration from Wretch and The Movement. As I have developed and established my music, I took it more seriously and incorporated different sounds, different lyrical content and singing. 

‘Make A Way’ is out now with the video premiering on Link Up TV and you can watch it below.

Sam – I like to dig deep and find out what messages artists put behind their music and how they plan to empower and influence. So we touched on the meaning behind new track ‘Make A Way’

In his own words Kritikz described the track as;

It is something I always think about, how will I influence people and what will people take from what they hear? When people sit down and listen to my music I want them to take something from it so it is always on my mind.

There are songs on the EP that reflect me very personally like my intro, but ‘Make A Way’ means a lot to me, because I’m just talking about making it out of my situation, out of the hood. Growing up in Croydon, a lot of people joke like Croydon is out of civilisation but its a hard place to get out of and its a bit of a mad place. So just to make it out of there, make a way, and do better for my friends and family.

Sam – So do you have any Future plans?

Im just gonna be releasing as much music as I can, maybe drop another project next year.

Sam – If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be? UK or US?

I mean yh, from the UK, Obviously Wretch 32 he’s a great inspiration to me and that would be proof of my growth… J Hus, Mostack, I think we’d make good music. American artists probably Tory Lanez and Party Next Door.

Sam – I like to talk about the things that you want to happen on your journey, by speaking about them and writing about them, you can make it happen. So in the future are there brands you’d like to collaborate with? Example Blade just dropped a collab with Trapstar and Mist with BooHoo! If you were to collaborate with a fashion brand what one would you choose or feel most connected to?

Probably BooHoo or Fashion Nova, I like those brands because they aren’t over priced, they’re smart and casual and I don’t want to be related to things like Loubs, Louis Vuitton and that. So if I was to collaborate it would be one of those brands.


Kritikz has also released a video for ‘Roll With Me’ that you can watch here.

Be sure to check out his videos and you can stream the whole EP ‘Made In Croydon’ over on Spotify (My preferred Digital Streaming Platform) and all other DSP’s


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