Drill music and balaclavas are closely entwined: artists such as SL, AM and LD are known for wearing masks while performing. The reasons for this accessory are multi-faceted – anonymity, avoiding surveillance, sometimes just because it looks cool. Emerging south Londoner K Trap has been wearing a balaclava (or “bally”) since his music career started in 2017. In a Youtube video, he explained it was a personal decision in his post-prison life; wearing a balaclava meant being able to develop his artistry and rap about his past without people knowing who he was.




The south Londoner who emerged from the drill scene is broadening his musical style – and now takes off his balaclava!

2018 K Trap dropped his ‘Daily Duppy Freestyle‘ with GRM Daily where he delivered the rawness which has captivated so many. Tackling menacing beats is something that comes easy to K Trap, as demonstrated in the way he bodies his Daily Duppy with ease.

Since his debut solo track David Blaine, K Trap has found huge underground acclaim via two impressive tapes. In his Big Mood video, it  feels symbolic of the next stage of his rise, K Trap finally appeared unmasked, albeit with his name still unknown (although some fans pointed out if you follow him on Snapchat, you’ve probably already seen his face). In any case, his latest mixtape, No Magic, is a further step away from straight drill. With an array of spiralling, fluid production, K Trap’s third full-length release finds him distilling and championing local sounds, from cold drill to club heat.

Topically, his raps range from his life – documenting childhood, the realities of once selling drugs, as well as looking forward to something bigger – all in a matter-of-fact, commanding style. Recently signed to Black Butter (the same label as Octavian and J Hus), and with the mask now off, the odds were ever in his favour!

With the rapper putting in the graft and becoming one of Drill’s most favourable talents, K Trap was positively brought in to team up with Krept & Konan and Headie One for latest drop “I Spy”

The video sees the pair unite with drill standard bearers Headie One and a newly unmasked K-Trap for a mocking takedown not just of the rampant misinformation surrounding drill in the media, but also of pretenders using the dark subject matter to boost their image and give themselves false credibility.

Beginning with a skit featuring a masked rapper being mocked and derided by a talk show host, we then cut to the Play Dirty duo posting up at a lavish mansion. After laying out their tough-talking, more drill-focused bars, they make way for K-Trap and Headie to dish out scathing punchlines for anyone who thinks UK drill is just a tool to add grit to their careers.

With collaboration being key and the breadth of the industry, K Trap has taken the next step and reappeared on Kenny Allstar’s ‘Mad About Bars‘ with another Drill Elitist Mischief.

As long term Rapper Blade Brown releases the 4th part to his ‘Bags & Boxes’ discography and statement collaboration with ‘Trapstar: The Trap Revolution Will Be Televised‘ K Trap is in the winners league as the pair teamed up for new drop ‘Joints’ which you can watch here.


From looking back at K Traps journey so far, mixing his talent and work ethic, it’s only right he kicks off his Tour in September! All dates are listed below so be sure to grab a ticket and follow!







Post by: Sammi Swinton




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