Conscious Collection – The Market Black.

Conscious Collection - The Market Black.

Conscious Collection – The Market Black.


@DesignedByNadine has done it again with Clothing brand The Market Black this time releasing a unique conscious clothing collection.


The modest fashionista has revealed a collection of Hoodies and statement Bodies made from sustainable materials and ethically produced with 5 DOPE colour ways!

Following her creativity, Nadine has created custom pieces that have been hand sewn and painted with love.

Nadine credits her latest project as

‘A Capsule Collection of Statement Pieces, Sustainably and Ethically Produced from Recycled Textiles. Each Garment in the Conscious Collection is a One of One Design.’


As we grow more conscious about the planet we live on and look at ways to affect change, it can be daunting for some that want to make the transition to buy better and understand sustainability. A piece of advice I got that really stuck with me was that ‘you only have to start, start small and with one thing. you don’t have to make a huge leap and try to change all areas of your life at once’ So if you can do one thing that will help you to buy better and start raising your awareness, you can start buy investing in a brand that cares about the planet and the long life of garments.

And let’s be real, the designs and garments at The Market Black are BANGING!


Check out the previous ‘Galactika’ collection here.

Statement bodies, unique on trend Hoodies, big ruffles and sustainability – what more could a modern fashionista want on her journey to save the planet?!


How amazing does @KallmeKeish look in the newest batch of bodies?!

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