Galdem Sugar EP6 – No Limits

Galdem Sugar EP6 - No Limits


Galdem Sugar EP6 – No Limits



Galdem Sugar EP6 – No Limits

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This episode focuses on female empowerment as the women collaborate to create an all-female music event. They perform as a collective for the first time, celebrating the support and friendship that has developed since starting the podcast.

Madders Tiff goes on Reprezent radio to plug the gig and share her thoughts about the group. Cassie and Pre Wavy are gassed to perform at the event and C Cane finds a moment to confront Laughta about the upset from the first podcast. Will they be able to smooth things over before it’s time to take to the stage?

As we have followed the girls through a part of their journey we can see it has been a crazy few weeks for the Galdem Sugar but it has been nice to get to know them through this online reality series! With No Limits being the final episode in this series and a huge focus on female empowerment, make sure you follow and subscribe and hopefully we will see the Galdem Sugar again real soon!



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