Neila unveils new video ‘NO’

neila x no


Neila unveils new video ‘NO’

“Let me start by saying no, I will not do what you asking me, I won’t dress the way you think I should” 

Neila unveils new video ‘NO’

I’m not your f***ing Barbie. 

 “No” is a self empowerment anthem. Living in a world where social media and people who don’t know you feel obligated to tell you how you “should” act, dress, or be — this song speaks out for people to be proud of who they are.

“Before I accepted myself and really loved myself I would take everything someone said to me or about me to heart and I would internalise it. I wrote this song at the point where I was standing up for myself.”

Saying “NO” to someone is such a powerful statement. Taking a stance for who you are and putting up those much needed boundaries are very important. 

Neila know’s how to handle a mic. Since the early days of RnB and hip-hop, women took part in crafting the genre’s overall tone and sound. Though these genres of music are commonly associated with misogyny and a glorification of male-exclusive camaraderie, women help to break that mold, off-setting more men-centric attitudes with a steely, seen-it-all perspective of their own. Some women make up a part of a successful rap or RnB group. But just as often, the best female artists pursue their own solo careers, which is where Neila shines with new video ‘NO’


As of today, more and more women acts generate just as much buzz for new releases as men. So much so, in fact, that acts are now scoring the top-charting singles around the globe. Girl power, indeed.

One way women across the globe can unite is through music. In English-speaking parts of the world, at least, songs like Beyoncé’s ‘Run the World (Girls)’, Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ and Alicia Keys’ ‘Girl on Fire’ have the hearts of many women in sync when played, combatting the ongoing pressures of patriarchy and expectation.

In 2018, these pressures obviously still exist, particularly for women – not least thanks to social media – but music has often been the therapeutic antidote and a clear way to express the messages women want to put out.


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