Galdem Sugar EP5 – We Need To Talk


Galdem Sugar EP5 – We Need To Talk


This episode focuses on mental health – a topic that resonates with many in the music industry. The strain of creating engaging art, making money, constantly being judged, always maintaining an enticing image and trying to build a career. There’s a lot of late nights, long hours in the studio and pressure on performing.

Cassie performs ‘Don’t Feel Sick’ to her fellow music students in an attempt to open up about her feelings, catching up with her friend Georgia, we can see Cassie getting stronger and happier about her situation. C Cane hits the basketball court with her mates as they discuss the pressures of the industry and different ways to cope. Shooting hoops C Cane finesses and jokes about ‘not being tall for nothing!’

Madders Tiff is keen to tackle her anxiety and tries out an alternative therapy, seeking alignment, clarity and balance the results are more emotional than she imagined. Pre Wavy is preparing to perform at an LGBTQ+ event and opens up to her friend about her coming out experience, and how a childhood in foster care has affected her as an adult. And inspired by her chat with Cassie, Laughta uploads a sexy image online with the hashtag #JudgeMe – with shocking results. Has she taken the experiment too far?

Empowering other women and putting herself in an uncomfortable position is inspiring to the masses, we have seen it get difficult for Laughta but our Galdem Sugar always bounce back, and put 10x growth on top of it! Having a discussion with her manager Nadia and PR Wardah Sempah they express their worries of hurtful comments and trolls.

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Working extremely hard for herself as well as others Laughta just released ‘Couple MC’s’ alongside a challenge with Run The Mic you can take part in here.



Featuring on Laughta’s latest track ‘Couple MC’s’ C Cane brings her distinctive edge! watch the video here.



Linking up with Miko waye, Cassie Rytz just released brand new music – ‘Not The One’ listen here.


Getting ready to release her next track ‘In The End’ check out ‘Madders On the Block EP’ here.




After hosting and performing at LGBT event  ‘Pillow Talk’ Pre Wavy drops new tune ‘You Get It’ have a cheeky listen here.


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