Grime Gran is back with Devlin and Haks!


Grime Gran is back with Devlin and Haks!


Our favourite Grime Gran is back with another episode of her interview series and in this one, she’s joined by Devlin and Man Like Haks.
The first part of the latest instalment sees the two cockneys, Grime Gran and Devlin, chop it up about various topics; from Devlin’s dating life to his recent birthday celebrations. Later on in the episode, Grime Gran sits down with Man Like Haks where they engage in a hilarious exchange and taste some good old, pie and mash.
Watch the newest episode of Grime Gran above and say Hi to Margie here.


Margie Keefe a.k.a. Grime Gran is the grandmother of Grime legend Risky Roadz and Nan to the Grime scene.

In this series, we’ll see Margie joined by some of the biggest names in Grime for a cup of tea and a chat.

In this episode, Margie sits down with Dagenham’s finest, Devlin & enjoys a cheeky pie and mash with ManLikeHaks



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