Galdem Sugar EP3 – Money Talks!


Galdem Sugar EP3 – Money Talks!

Galdem sugar EP3

Galdem Sugar EP3 – Money Talks!


A collective of five fierce females who are up-and-coming in the UK grime scene, come together to produce a podcast. This episode focuses on money – the struggles of making ends meet when you are trying to establish yourself as an artist. Creating tracks, videos and content all come at a price, and unsigned artists must often self-fund their own projects.

In this episode, Pre Wavy looks to a friend for advice – she keeps performing at gigs for free and although the exposure and promotion has value, she worries she’s being taken advantage of. Madders has a photo shoot coming up but needs to find an inexpensive way to deliver her image. C Cane has an EP which is about to drop but is not impressed with how things are going, and Laughta finds a way to warn other women in the industry that not everyone is as honest as they make out.

We recently see BuildSeriesLDN welcome C Cane, Madders Tiff and Cassie Rytz to the studio. The up and coming female grime artists tell all about Galdem Sugar- their BBC Sounds podcast and new BBC Three show which gets to grips with what it takes to succeed in a male-dominated industry. If you missed the LIVE feed click here.

Catch up and watch the latest episode of Galdem Sugar here.


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