Mouraine ‘Bigger Dreams’


Wednesday 29th May 2019




Sophie (Music in Motion PR) had arranged for me to meet with Canadian artist Mouraine.

So I met Mouraine at Clapham Junction, just my luck it started raining when I got off the train and had my fresh white airforces on…

We decided to go and get something to eat and surprisingly Mouraine’s accent was very smooth and disarming. I felt at ease to just be me straight away so we started walking and talking trying to find somewhere to eat.

As we walked up and down trying to find a place that takes card and a cash point (very well hidden Sainsbury’s #thumbsup) Mouraine told me a bit about himself;

Originally born in Sudan and from Sudanese heritage, he moved to Canada when he was 3 years old. Coming from a big family with 10 siblings he has always been supported with what he wanted to do music wise.

With a great track record of artist openings and support, Mouraine was bound to make moves in London.

In the past his music has seen him support and open up tour for J. Cole, Pusha T and T-Pain to name a few as well as having previous single ‘Poppin’ premiered on Noisey.

With his trip in London to promote new single ‘Bigger Dreams’ it was only right that he experienced Shoreditch night life. Mouraine told me that the night before he had been down to Troy Bar with a couple of friends and had a sick night, he enjoyed the music, let loose a little and got wavey!

We actually ended up getting some Caribbean food from this traditional shop somewhere near Clapham Junction station and the lady sorting the food assumed we were together and thought I weren’t allowed to eat and had to wait for my boyfriend LOL we assured her we were actually working and I wanted my food to takeaway (laughing emoji)

So we spoke a bit about his new single ‘Bigger Dreams’ which I feel has that real old skool hip hop vibe, paired nicely with his unique voice.

‘Bigger Dreams’ has been well received by Mouraine’s audience and has been play listed with a lot of support from Spotify. Whilst here in London he has also appeared on Westside Radio and has his upcoming debut London show on June 8th at west way hotspot Shepherds Bush!


Follow Mouraine and listen to ‘Bigger Dreams’ here.






Special thanks to my girl Sophie for the opportunity and Mouraine for being such a cool guy 🙂



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