GALACTIKA – Designed By Nadine



Designed By Nadine



Designed By Nadine

Clothing brand The Market Black has released a unique galactic clothing collection designed by Nadine!

The modest fashionista has revealed an out of this world collection, the first official clothing debut for the brand known as ‘The Galactika Set’

Following her creativity, Nadine has created custom pieces that have been hand sewn and painted with love.

Our girl Nadine, comes from Islington and is paving the way for fashion creatives in our area. Taking her studies seriously and focusing on how the clothes make you feel instead of encouraging and inducing body consciousness and dysmorphia Nadine works closely with everyone she creates garments for to ensure the perfect fit!

Nadine also designed and made me a custom bodysuit that I wore to the Siolen launch event which fitted me perfect and accentuated my curves in all the right places! No muffin tops or boob spillages so we are vouching hard for The Market Black!

You can see how I wore mine here.

The way clothes fit is a big thing for me as I am one of those comfortability over fashion type of people so when I see someone wearing something that has a similar body shape to me it really excites me and I’m like yeah thats a bita me.

With London being so diverse in race and body image I think its actually really relevant and a great way to show how one item can be worn by people who have completely different body types, complexions and style so take a look at how aesthetically pleasing Nadine made her bodysuit look below.


With pieces for any preference, The Market Black give you the option of Co – ords or statement garments.

Shop the collection here.




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