Female AllStars Presents: The Switch-Up


Female AllStars Presents: The Switch-Up


Female AllStars Presents: The Switch-Up

‘The Switch-Up’ is a collaboration project from some of the best Female artists currently in the Grime scene. This project consists of 13 MC’s, who came together to create a banger ready to shut down every summer dance. 

The Female Allstars artists consist of very talented females, amongst them the knowledge of music is second to none with Lady Shocker, a Grime Veteran rounding up all the girls for some very exciting projects!

Find all the artists, producer, videographer and director links below:

Lady Shocker





Pre Wavy


Cassie Rytz

Frankie StayWoke

Portia NY


Tomboy Sexy

Madders Tiff

Tunnel Vision TVE (Videographer)

JBoss (Producer)

SBreezy (Director)

This song was produced by JBoss, exclusively for this project.


The project just dropped on every digital platform on 5th May 2019!

The video for this project was shot by TunnelVision TVE, and was filmed inside TheArtsRoomLDN. The artists were directed by SBreezy, and the project/video shoot was sponsored by many brands, such as E&J Brandy, T.O.Y.S Clothing, In Grime We Trust Clothing, Baked? Clothing, YaggaYo London and The Ballerway Clothing.

The video was just released on SBTV!

One of the UK’s biggest YouTube channels for UK music.

For an in depth review of the Female Allstars new single I would strongly recommend the engaging review by Dine on Grime author Cammy Thomas here. 


Watch the video above and let us know your thoughts!

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