Laughta gets creative with brand new visuals ‘Flight Mode’

Laughta gets creative with brand new visuals ‘Flight Mode’

Laughta gets creative with brand new visuals ‘Flight Mode’


Following an already amazing year, Laughta has released the video to her brand new single, ‘Flight Mode’. In the track, she talks about empowering herself as an independent artist and strong woman, respecting yourself and not allowing yourself to stay in a situation you’re unhappy with. Laughta says:

“The song is about people trying to control me. In the music industry people have tried to control me and tell me who I should be, who I should work with, and being treated like a possession. This track is about being free, and locking off from the real world and being in your own space. I’m cruising in my own lane and elevating myself through the song.”

In the video, directed by Shan Brown, Laughta is rapping on the moon and floating through space, and she explains: “This video was so much fun to make, I love working with a female director, Shan really knows how to shoot me and we come up with the most trippy ideas, tapping into our imagination. Leaving the darkness of the world, and being alone with an alien, who loves the track so much they dancing to it. She took me into space, I’m on another planet.”

The single will be available via all platforms on Friday.

It’s also recently been announced that Laughta will also be featuring in BBC3 documentary, ‘Galdem Sugar’. ‘Galdem Sugar’, which is a 6-episode series, will follow the lives of strong women in the Grime scene. Each week, the Galdem Sugar will also record a no holds barred podcast for BBC Sounds, shinning a light on what it’s like being a female artist in a male skewing industry. The series will follow the likes off C Cane, Madders Tiff, Cassie Rytz and Pre Wavy.

Adds Laughta:

“I’m so excited to be a part of this show! It’s great to have a platform like the BBC give a voice to females to express issues we face daily, and for me to share my journey with everyone.”

Laughta is releasing a new mixtape due for release soon- keep posted on her socials for news.

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