Bella Beauts nominated for Legacy Achievement Awards!

Bella Beauts nominated for Legacy Achievement Awards! The Legacy Awards celebrates and recognizes the upcoming creatives within music, business, fashion, entertainment and many more.

This award show has been created to recognize and reward the upcoming creative which are not recognize by mainstream media and other platform organisations.

Founded by Legacy Nation Entertainment a London based multi cultural event, promotions, advertisement and entertainment company, which is focused on inspiring others by creating cultural awareness and a LEGACY.

Legacy Nation believes in giving back and supporting the community by providing platform to give our youths, adults and young adults an opportunity to display their talent and create their own Legacy.

With the support of the local community we will continue to support and inspire, as well as encouraging many creatives in UK.
This event will be a combination of award presentations with dance, music, spoken word and comedy performances. The awards have 14 categories and Bella Beauts has been nominated for Best Female Artist!

You can vote for Bella Beauts with one click here.



Speaking exclusively to Sammi Swinton Bella Beauts explained that;


EMOTIONS is based on a true life story it’s about someone close to me that tried to commit suicide & me expressing how I was feeling battling anxiety, not understanding my emotions or why certain things was happening, trying to tell people what I was going through but nobody understanding or the advice they would give me was you will get over it & comparing their experiences to mine, sleepless nights, crying, being in a relationship and trying to find myself & not lose myself, watching police drag this person close to me in a police van to get sectioned, watching everyone around me scream, watching someone close to me having to deal with mental health at a young age being so young and saving that persons life & getting flash backs not wanting to leave my house because of the trauma then being away from that person for years I’m proud to say EMOTIONS was a hard song to write but I did it and overcame what I once thought I couldn’t go youtube that my NEXT SONG IS CALLED NEVER GIVE UP IT WILL BE OUT VERY SOON.ย 


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