Ode to Hus

J Hus that guy

Makes the women feel fly

Fanta with no hiiiice

Make baby wanna sacrifice



The UK needs you

Even though we can half imagine what your going through

They might not get it

Can’t condone carrying a shank

But if it’s eye for eye

Can’t be moving shy

When you get out let me buy you a drank?

Cheese levels on 100



But music needs you

London needs you

London breathes you

We need your saucy wordplay


Your catchy hooks

The way you say crooks

(or was that mostack?)

Have half these fake music makers getting shook.



Sounds kinda nice

Fanta, twice

Remember baby said hold the hiiice


Wrote this ode on a solo one

UK without J Hus that’s a miserable one.



All you need is your lean and bop

When you come out we hip to the hop?

Hope you took time to kick back,

We need your energy back.

J Hus

One of the greatest



Maybe we go for bangers and mash

On the 15th day?

Im not tryna be bae

I just miss your music


Thats common sense.

London’s at your defence.


For a short time they took your freedom, but they never took your spirit.




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