Laughta will feature in brand new BBC 3 documentary ‘Galdem Sugar’

Laughta will feature in brand new BBC 3 documentary ‘Galdem Sugar’



Following the BBC Press Office announcement that BBC Three programmes will feature on a regular slot on BBC 1, It’s been announced that a new show is on the way, starring our very own Laughta.

‘Galdem Sugar’, which is a 6-episode series, will follow the lives of strong women in the Grime scene. Each week, the Galdem Sugar will also record a no holds barred podcast for BBC Sounds, shining a light on what it’s like being a female artist in a male skewing industry.

The series will also follow the likes off C Cane, Madders Tiff, Cassie Rytz and Pre Wavy.


When speaking about the documentary, Laughta revealed,  “I’m so excited to be a part of this show! It’s great to have a platform like the BBC give a voice to females to express issues we face daily, and for me to share my journey with everyone.

I’m hoping we can inspire other aspiring female artists to follow their dreams! And I’ve always wanted to do a podcast, trust me I’ve got a lot to say and I am not afraid to say it!”


The series and podcast will be produced by Thunderclap Media.
For any enquiries please email

LAUGHTA has just released her latest smash F-BOYS that you can watch here.

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