Last week, we saw Yung Tory fly in all the way from Canada for his London headline show at Redon!


My good friend Sophie (Music in Motion PR) had sorted out his PR and had a press day planned in Thornton Heath, Yung Tory arrived on the 5th December and was held in customs for over 8 hours due to visa miscommunications! ๐Ÿ™ย  ย  ย  ย  #freeyungtory

So Soph had to rearrange all the press because customs took the ultimate piss!

Thursday came, the day of Yung Tory’s headline show at Redon, London

Me and Sophie were up and about early and had some time to kill so we went to eat at Bird, Shoreditch. It was my first time eating there and I took Sophie’s recommendation of the boneless tenders and chose the blue cheese dip (cheese fiend) it was buffff!

After stuffing our faces, we made our way to Haddon PR and waited for the guys to meet us there.


Chris had sorted a selection of garments for Yung Tory and was showing us the latest collections and what’s coming for the next season. While we was waiting I had like 50 goes on the Crep grabber machine – Of course I didn’t win any though lol

Yung Tory, Lucas and Judaiya turned up at Haddon PR and tried on a few different brands including Hoodrich, Hype and Ed Hardy.

Whilst I was enjoying seeing Yung Tory play dress up we all had a beer and I had a little wander around as I do… Lucas was on the grabber machine and Chris had put together a Crep Protect Care Package for Yung Tory.

Time was getting on so we had to leave for soundcheck, great hospitality shown by Haddon PR by the way.




So we got to soundcheck, cheeky drink backstage ๐Ÿ˜‰ everyone was sounding great, Yung Tory was getting in his zone, taking pictures with media and the artists on the lineup were coming through for soundcheck.

I got to meet one of the artists performing, Ryan De La Cruz and his lovely girlfriend Savannah who didn’t mind talking to me at the door, I also met 2 lovely girls on the odd chance they were asking for directions to Yung Torys concert, I let them know they had come to the right place. Stormie and Tier told me they were huge fans of Yung Tory and travelled 3 hours from Basingstoke. Tier also showed me her artistic side – She paints creps, but she doesn’t just paint creps, REALLY COOL designs, she showed me a custom pair she had made for Stoner and they were sick!

The show got underway, Joce Wavy was playing our favourite bangers of the year and our host for the night was Nathan Hector, being ever so professional yet entertaining he had the crowd locked!


Ryan had a futuristic afro trappy sound and J Riley went hard!

UK Drill rapper S1 then took stage and the crowd were loving it, bare girls at the front singing along! LOL

We were then treated to a special guest! YUNG FUME! I hadn’t really had much time to get familiar with Yung Fume but his boy Mounts assured me he was a sick one, and I really enjoyed his music, great energy on stage.

So the moment came, that we all had been waiting for!


Yung Tory came on with a forcefield of energy, screaming yaww yaww and the girls went mad, everyone in the crowd was singing along to every word! Mr Yaww Yaww then performed some of his most popular hits, then brought out all the artists for a jaw dropping performance with special guests Yung Fume & Nafe Smalls!


I had a really good experience with Sophie and Yung Tory, major thanks to everyone that showed love <3




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