Smokey’s Barbers began life as an internet sitcom, filmed in a real barber’s shop in Surbiton, south-west London. The pilot notched up half a million views and the young cast went up to Manchester to translate their gritty comedy from computer screen to stage performance.

The live show picked up the same storyline, revolving around out-of-the-loop African boss A Dot (Afolabi Dasaolu), who is constantly wound up by his younger employees. They make fun of his accent, turn up late for work because they’re too busy tweeting, and have no idea how to use hair trimmers. Womanising head barber Jazzie (Jazzie Zonzolo) swaggers around, bragging about how many “chicks” he has, while A-Squeezy makes customers bleed by incompetent hair cutting. Fellow “waste man” Humza (Humza Arshad) hangs around even though he doesn’t work there. Things get messy when Jazzie’s “baby mother” discovers he’s been cheating on her, and his mates react by taking hashtag-adorned selfies of the messy situation on their smart phones.



Jazzie Zonzolo is a famous British Actor and YouTube Star who is best known from his role of T.J. in the British urban comedy film Anuvahood which was released on March 18, 2011. Jazzie gained huge fame from his YouTube series Smokey’s Barbers. He has more than 50K subscribers on his YouTube channel SMOKEYBARBERS. Jazzie is also active on Twitter and Instagram,where he has more than 40K followers on Twitter and more than 45K followers on Instagram. Jazzie has also appeared in the “Water and Fire” and “It’s a Lot’ movie.




We love a laugh! The belly laughs we get from watching Arnold Jorge’s alter ego A-Squeezy on Youtube means that we just had to get to know the man behind the banter. Arnold Jorge is a young UK actor and comedian, his work includes appearances in UK film ‘The Trap’, presenting for LinkupTV and parodies with fellow UK comedian Jazzie. Arnold’s passion for UK Rap has seen the comedian do stand out parodies of rappers such as Stormzy, Krept & Konan and Lethal Bizzle.


The team here at Rapondemand are locked and excited about Jazzie and Arnold’s return to the barbers!



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