A Chat With SKRAPZ – Skrapz is back part 2

A Chat With SKRAPZ – Skrapz is back part 2

Tuesday 13th November 2018

I got the opportunity to interview Skrapz over the phone!


SO being the fast nervous prat that I can be, I decided to have a Skrapz catch up sesh on Spotify and franticallly searched for his latest album;

I knewwwwww that Different Cloth was the latest, but Spotify was telling me it was Skrapz is Back Part 2 – So I actually doubted myself (dickhead) and went with it.

Anyway, when I listen to Albums I have to flick through a few times to feel what catches me, so with that in mind I thought, right lets go.

We were set for the phone call at 9pm!

(Major THANK YOU to William & Louise <3)

I called first and got no answer but then Skrapz called back ๐Ÿ™‚ I asked him if it was cool to go on insta LIVE and he agreed.

So we had a little chit chat about ends, Skrapz was en route to Rehearsals and you’ll also see in the video – I was drawn to 3 songs that I really wanted to be like

‘see yeah im cool I listen to you and I can relate at this stage’


So I’m sitting there thinking, great, I’ve learned 3 songs that my man don’t even wanna chat about…


But I think I redeemed myself by knowing High Spec and Outro, reassured myself that Spotify had made the mistake and not me. LOL

Although as far as Skrapz is currently aware – He doesn’t know I bang out Outro.

He just kicked off his UK Tour and visited Manchester, Birmingham & Nottingham!

So head over to Skrapz’s instagram to watch the highlights.


Skrapz’s London Show is;

02 Forum – Kentish Town – Tuesday 27th November 2018

Don’t miss out, get your ticketsย here now!

You can also watch the conversation we had HERE

Skrapz spoke to me over the phone about his Different Cloth Part II Tour Dates, Rehearsals, Spotify mix ups and Hints at a joint album with Nines!

The electricity cuts out and my nephew was quite annoyed with me but its all good LOL.


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