A Chat With SMA Music

A Chat With SMA Music

Wednesday 7th November 2018

Badorangepr Showroom
Hackney Wick

Got there 2.15PM on the dottttttt #winning.

Sophie was holding a press day for SMA in the Badorangepr showroom at Arebyte.

I didn’t have enough time to go through the email Sophie had sent me with SMA’s info but I watched his video on the way there, madness, pen, no paper and questions in my head…

IMG_1142Before we got talking about ‘Go Getter‘ and The Aura show, I wanted to get an idea of SMA’s background,

Hailing from Streatham and inspired by rap and gospel sounds. He released his last EP with Styx and theres a lot of gospel influence in there, with a lot of influence on the Aura show also.

Talking about his inspirations, he told me

I’m inspired by Lil Pump and Lil Yachty – They do what they do and that gets them through, do what you love and that’s what inspires me.

I spoke to SMA about his latest release ‘Go Getter‘ which was recently uploaded on GRM. MJ Nicholls from stateside worked on this track and its a visual and lyrical representation of his lifestyle.

Headline show

The Aura Show

Thursday 8th November 2018 – Herne hill, south London !!!!

With a lot of time, energy and effort going in, The Aura show, is showcasing the joint ep SMA has with friend Styx and the show is based around that.

SMA works with friends and doesn’t like to go out of his batch, he’s done music with bonkaz thats all cool, collaboration wise he has done what he wanted to do.

whats next for 2019?

Once the Aura show is done – put a lot of time and effort in to it – ill be back in studio and  continue dropping music and be more visually creative aswell.

Talking about  GO GETTER, I liked

“Made a quick 6 bills, bought a moncler sweater, i’m so IGNANT ima wear it the whole summer ‘

What does ignant mean, ignant?

SMA – it’s just an ignorant way of saying ignorant basically, it’s like a slang from Atlanta or Eminem. one of the two lol.

I really liked it, I was like what is this word?

SMA – Everyone was like what is ignant? It makes you think, you might even try and google it and think nah it’s ignorant, but its just because im so ignorant, that I just do these outlandish things, and thats just kind of my whole persona anyways.

When explaining his style he added that he likes to throw a lot of double meanings in there, like reading between the lines kinda stufff, he likes to make people think.

‘Go Getter’ out now via GRM Daily

Sammi Swinton & SMA


Was great speaking to SMA, massive thank you to my girl Sophie and Wardah SEMPA & Badorangepr!


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