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Thursday 20th September 2018, LFW

Hackney Wick

My girl Sophie, from Music in Motion PR invited me to an exclusive guest list only event showcasing the hottest fashion collections at Trends and Tags – The best shopping destination for independent Streetwear and designer labels, at their new residence in Badorangepr‘s showroom, in quirky Arebyte, Hackney Wick.

I got on the overground over to East London and came out into a world of graffiti and alternativeness.

Walking in I could see the beautiful Wardah Sempa greeting everyone as they went up the stairs, she gave me a bright welcoming smile and I instantly felt at ease. (its the little things…) At the far end was my gorgeous girl Sophie <3 comfortably seated on the sofa accompanied by the lovely Linda E of Pulse88 Fm who hosts The Linda E Show Sun 2-5pm, (Sponsored by Supermalt) Host&Voice of Pulse88 news and Professional Heel Wearer! <- LOVE THAT

IMG_2261 2
Wardah Sempa, Sophie, Linda E, Sammi Swinton & Elle

Sophie has been really great she manages PR so effectively and introduced me to a few people, me and Linda hit it off right away, we were all trying to get a good photo but the damn lighting was not in our favour, then a tune came on and me, Sophie and Linda was just singing the lyrics lol.

Ellie was really interesting to speak with, her passion really stood out and we were twinning in our chequered skirts, looking through the garments on show, Ellie was telling me about each different brand and we agreed on our LOVE for the envelope laptop case.

Fashion rails were set up on along the walls with exclusive garments from brands including Criminal Damage & ULLAC

elle ullac
ULLAC DENIM – Elliemaexs

While Sophie was handling some business I went outside with Linda E and we basically had our own little mini photoshoot going on with the graffiti making such a convenient backdrop! It was so funny though, you know when you know you got that good pic of ya girl, yeah Linda E did that for me 🙂


I caught up with Wardah Sempa briefly to introduce myself and found out more about her working with high end streetwear fashion brands.

Wardah Sempa is the editor over at Link Up TV and the founder of BitchyOnline, from following her work I could see she loved finding and creating new, fresh content, so I was surprised when she told me how much she had been doing to get herself in a position to pursue her interest in fashion, and how she had pulled this together! Uno amongst all the other projects she is involved in at the moment!

With the help of beautiful Ellie, who is an absolute diamond and was very helpful with me and my note taking, I was able to get an understanding of the set up of Trends and Tags and what it means to the people that organised it and attended.

Lyrics for Lyrics – Zack Smith

The full list of brands showcased on the day;

Criminal Damage






As I was sitting on my own taking notes, the gorgeous queen of reinvention Monikah Lee came through, hair on fleek and I could feel her bouncy bright vibes!

Didn’t get a chance to catch up with her much, but I know she is working hard with Trends&Tags and Badorangepr as she has recently had some empowering fashion shoots with Wardah Sempa, whilst still managing her talk show (Talks with Monikah Lee) and working on herself, its all very inspiring <3

Screenshot 2018-11-02 14.21.59
Monikah Lee

Massive thank you to all the ladies that made my day, Trends&Tags, Badorangepr <3



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