After All – Avalanch

He goes by the name of Avalanch,

Coined by his big bro Vigilants when he was just 16, a strong lover of all things music and heavily influenced by Tupac Shakur.

AVALANCH is back with his latest release ft Huntizzy – Let Me go

it has a chilled vibe, but don’t let that divert you from the wordplay!

I LOVE the video, matches the vibe of the song really well and its in ends and its simple and chilled, I’m slyly Barbican obsessed as well.

A bit about Avalanch

When Streetwear Aesthetics asked him

‘What is the message of your music?’

he explained;

My message has always been powerful. I love to educate the kids and better them for the good. Those suffering, going through depression, or life dramas. I’ve been there so I can relate and understand. My message is also about determination, guidance and hope/faith.

I use to hang around in estates when I was young, and saw a lot of things happen. It just came to a stage where I wanted to see change, not just for me, but for everyone.

I’m a playworker now, so working with kids also helps me discover a new world.


Avalanch has been working on his ‘After All’ EP with producer Zapz! Which is Due for release on Spotify and iTunes;

 24th January 2019 


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