Wireless 2018

Wireless Festival, 6th – 8th July 2018

Finsbury Park

Courtesy of NHAM <3


Friday 6th July 2018

Me and LorLor walked in to wireless festival feeling like wavy dons, going through security we could hear AJ X Deno performing their hit ‘London.’ Gutted we didn’t see it but hearing it live was good enough.


Once we was in, we was in, Mostack came on and shut down with his most notable tracks ‘Liar’, “Screw & Brew’ and most recent ‘What I wanna’ and ‘Crepes and Cones.’ Trying to get through the crowd for a drink was a madness so we stayed put and enjoyed the performance from the middle of the crowd.

Once the crowd had dispersed a bit we went and got ourselves a strawberry and rhubarb cider. I felt like such a cool person in the VIP until I got knock backed for any interviews and couldn’t get in the press area…

But that moment of dampness passed as I saw Mostack come out of the press door. Me and Lor got a quick piccy with him and in hindsight i’m really quite grateful… I asked if I could get a few words from him but he was adamant with the No. I cant say I blame him because tbh I asked Lor to film on the sly and he clocked it but was still down to take a photo (lesson learnt quick) LOL Mostack you the real G, soz about me.


Bumped into my girl from NHAM – Neha, who has her RnB radio show ‘The Vibe‘ on pulse 88/Sundays @ 12pm – she was interviewing Big Heath so keep an ear or an eye out for that!!

We saw Donaeo! and that was a bit like ‘rah I proper bang out your music and now I actually have a chance to chat to you what do I say?

How about I make myself more awkward and go…

Hi i’m not a weirdo but I love your music

LOL yep thats how I approached Donaeo, he was cool though, saying he will take a picture with anyone and I didn’t seem like a weirdo hahaha.

Next up on the main stage was the Godfather WILEY with DJ Karnage. I was not missing that for no celeb in the vip so me and LorLor ran out and joined the crowd singing along to some of our favourite tunes including ‘Too Many Man’ ‘Heatwave’ ‘Can’t go wrong’ ‘I call the shots’ ‘P Money’ ‘can you hear me ayayaya’ & ‘back with a banger’

Just as Wiley had finished on main stage, Kojo Funds was on the pepsi max stage – bare fans flocked over to see his live performance of ‘Dun Talkin’ ‘My 9ine’ ‘Fear no one’ & ‘Stallin’

Another quick dash to get drinks and time had flew, next thing I know we was rushing to get back to the Pepsi Max stage as Mabel was on! We missed most of her performance but got there in time to scream our lungs out to ‘Finders Keepers’

KING Wretch 32 – Pepsi Max stage shut down, the energy was high, everyone was singing along to every word. Got emosh when he did ‘His n Hers – Perspective’ – the vibes were electric, honestly pulsing through my body – My favourite part of the day! (Wretch makes me emosh… best kinda music)

J Cole – I fuck with J Cole. and J Cole fucks with us. The response he got from the crowd was phenomenal – had a blast singing along to our fave bangers ATM, Kevins Heart, Deja Vu, Wet Dreamz, Work out, Cant get enough. and my absolute faves POWER TRIP &  NOBODYS PERFECT.

I asked my girl LorLor what her fave/most memorable moments of Friday were;

lor whatsapp
Me and Georgie boy on the Whatsapp background looool

Day 1 of Wireless was HUGE and it was only the beginning!

Make sure to check out grimelight.blog instagram wireless highlights – with all my favourite artists performances, cheeky gunfingers and photobooth bants 🙂


Saturday 7th July 2018

Off I trotted to Wireless fest on my ones, walking in I was constantly checking the times and the acts on the wireless app, it was actually really useful but kind of sad when I looked and saw I had just missed Ms Banks, Big Shaq & Avelino…


Bumped into my home girl Rach who is a Creative bug and the founding director @foundationtamar ngo & clinic. Glo and their good good friend Red were there aswell which was really nice! We got drinks and bumped into Avelino!!!  (Glo you my G fo life <3)

I was so curious as to what was inside the GRM Daily cab I just went over and got in, took 2 2 photos on my ones then went and grabbed the girls to get our props on for the photocab #cheese #extracheeseplease #loveaphoto


Krept & Konan took main stage to a next level with ‘Don’t waste my time!‘ Then got the whole of Wireless singing ITS COMING HOME! (Unfortunately we all know it didn’t come home but it was vibes) Energy filled the air when they brought out Mostack and performed ‘Crepes and Cones‘ #yadunkno (I cannot wait to see them at Alexandra Palace!)

Krept & Konan – Exclusive to grimelight.blog taken by DM Official Photographer.

After traipsing through the grounds of Finsbury Park in hope of finding some of London’s most talented artists I decided to go back to the main stage where Mr Tim Westwood was playing some of the hottest tracks right now and some of our favourite Old Skool Bangers!

Sneakbo was taking over the Pepsi Max stage and I actually sat back on the grass and just watched it on the big screen.

French Montana was on main stage and paid tribute to J Hus at Wireless Festival. French stopped his set to shout out J Hus who was forced to pull out of the line up after being charged for carrying a knife in East London, as French took to the stage, he was bigging up J Hus and told Finsbury Park:

‘I had to rep my boy tonight coz he wasn’t going to be here tonight.’

He then performed the chorus of J Hus’ trackDid You Seeas a tribute to the current situation.

French Montana also represented England by performing in a football shirt. Pointing to his top he said:

‘Y’all see what I’m wearing?’

in a nod to England’s victory against Sweden, which was screened on the main stage earlier in the day.

French Montana – Exclusive to grimelight.blog taken by DM Official Photographer.

Stormzy signage went up on the main stage, quotes of some of his bars so I knew I was in for a good show. Headlining the main stage, he opened his performance with ‘First things First’, then went into ‘Cold’, and ‘One take’.

stormzy sign 1stormzy sign 2

#MOMENT – The Cigarettes and Kush intro, the video on screen was proper cute <3 The live band he had were amazing!

Stormzy took a break from performing his hits to acknowledge his ‘Bad Boys’ collaborator with a passionate speech before performing J Hus hits to delighted fans. Stormzy who told the crowd at Wireless it was his first headline gig at a major festival, said:

‘This is the UK this is our city. So when I am headlining. It’s not just me headlining – this is for us. You lot put me here, so today we will do this together.’ ‘And I feel like something is missing from today. Something was missing as much as today has been sick. He added: ‘There’s one, there’s one person actually.’

It became very apparent that J Hus is and will continue to be a major part of our ever growing music world as everyone including myself was gutted J Hus wasn’t there and all of the artists were speaking about how they felt, although they couldn’t go into much detail, the love shone through.

Stormzy – Exclusive to grimelight.blog taken by DM Official Photographer!

Stormzy continued with  J Hus appreciation saying ‘You got the Americans on a Friday headlining and we got another American tomorrow,’ he said referring to Friday’s headliner J Cole, and Drake who was now booked as DJ Khaled dropped out on Sunday.

‘So today is a London day and without this person, it doesn’t really work.’ As the DJ played the intro to Did You See,  J Hus’ hit song, the crowd erupted as Stormzy told them: ‘we are going to do this for J Hus he can’t be here. Guys sing along.’


Sunday 8th July 2018

Me and Sis got inside the place just in time for Not3s! (constant app checking and time updates got us there on time thank god!)


Screenshot 2018-07-09 17.59.17Not3s performed some of his most notable songs and gave us an exclusiv3 performance of songs taken off of his latest project ‘Take Not3s 2‘ including Nigerian Eagle, Aladdin, Addison lee, Butterflies with AJ Tracey (the girls went WILD LOOOOL) and my most played one from Not3s –  Sit Back Down with Maleek Berry.

Me & Ste caught up with our girl Rebecca Judd who kills us on instagram on the regs & hosts ‘The Jam‘ and ‘GRIME SESSIONS‘ on Westside Radio. We had a laugh and got in the photo cab! Rebecca is actually my chargieeeeee! #thegirl she helped me out and gave my phone a little 20 percent charge in the press room <3


She was on job and everyone was so happy to see her! Rebecca is  a G, hilarious and so lovely, so make sure you catch her wireless highlights!

Manny Norte was taking over the main stage DJing and keeping the crowd entertained, I wanted to hear LIVE music so me and sis went to the Pepsi Max stage…

Jaykae was on doing ‘MOSCOW’. I dont know if anyone will actually understand this but at the same time I was relieved to have caught Jaykae performing, my anxiety tapped my heart a bit thinking OMG imagine I missed this I would’ve been GUTTED. Erm I know I have bare faves but like when I say this is my fave, this is my fave. little peaky blinder <3

Lisa mercedez was hotting up the Pepsi Max stage, LOVEEEEE Lisa, I enjoyed her song that went “ACTION. NOT A BAG AH CHAT”  – Because come on, actions speak louder than words. I actually waited on Lisa and Stylo G one time at Electric Brixton when I did VIP Hosting and she was so glamorous and so lovely! Back then she had some serious dancehall music so it was great to see her on stage at Wireless!! (you deserve it girl xxx)

Russ!!!! Let me tell you, I had no idea who RUSS was but RUSS had the most beautiful voice I’ve heard in a while.

Main stage – We had no idea who he was but we listened to ‘Ain’t nobody taking my baby‘ and that was it we were hooked. Ste wouldn’t even let me move until he finished the song. Sick though. Hashtag new fans. Soz about us.

Girls of Grime at Smirnoff House

&The Equalising Music movement
(Smirnoff House was ladies only!)

girls of grfimeSMIRNOFF HOUSE

Launched in 2017, SMIRNOFF Equalising Music is a 3-year, global initiative to double female and female-identifying headliners and inspire the next generation of DJs. SMIRNOFF aims to escalate gender parity in the music industry by 2020. This year looks to push the SMIRNOFF Equalising Music campaign even further, to continue to stimulate discussion and elevate female and female identifying talents into the positions they have rightfully earned.

Manara was on at Smirnoff house, thats the first time I’d listened to one of her sets, I was loving her mix with the oriental/asian beats.

Julie Adenuga was hosting and keeping us entertained as the Girls Of Grime started their set, she  made me feel a lot better about my common speaking tones as she encouraged everyone to say and drink WATER
[Eng. Common Pronounciation – WAL-TA] 


DJ Kaylee Kay was on decks giving us the finest Grime Riddims alongside The Grime Violinist – When Tanya played her Violin to Ghetto Kyote. cant lie. Hairs were standing up!
Living Best Life.

We bumped into a very humble Mo The Comedian with a cutla cans. I was enjoying being with my sister and making her laugh, walking up and down having fun pointing out Grime Stars talking in a way only we do with our 500 different accents and jokes after jokes. My G <3 #stepintomyoffice

At one of our many toilet trips, we saw Amelia Dimz  skrrrr skrrrrrr away from everyone quicktime. (She was BUSY, have you seen her Wireless chicken shop dates!? 8 una)

My good friend Sarah was working on the Broo stall over the weekend, kept us hydrated and laughing, little shoobzing together got caught up watching people argue over tickets – dodgy ticket confrontations. LOL 

Walking through the stalls, one that really caught my eye was


It really drew me in because I’d had dumb idiots that don’t know their limits tryna pull me about in crowds and one guy grabbed me calling me sexy sexy long lines (clearly off his nut) so I think its important to raise awareness of this; Safe gigs for women is an initiative established by regular gig goers with the aim of creating a safer environment for women at gigs

Time was getting on, the sky had a little pink tinge as it was slowly growing darker, then I felt a vibration 😐

LOL. I got my notification through from the Wireless App that Giggs was due on!

Giggs took main stage as the closing/headline act, warming the crowd up with ‘Swinging in da whip‘ from his successful album ‘WAMP 2 DEM‘ hyping us up with bangers including ‘3 Wheel Ups’ ‘Man don’t care’ &  easing us into the changeover with OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM ‘Talkin Da Hardest‘ then closing with ‘KMT‘ bringing out Drake! Who asked us very nicely if he could perform for us, in light of Khaled’s disappointing drop out. The set was unreal. Me and sis was vybsing and there were girls climbing up the tree to get a better view!

Looked like the poor tree was gonna break! SMH

Giggs – Exclusive to grimelight.blog taken by DM Official Photographer.





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