FAVOURITE Story-telling Music Videos

During the recent build up of the release of Shiro’s Story Part 3 there were a lot of important things I noticed on Social Media and offline!

At Wireless 2018, I managed to grab some time with Joivan Wade, and man like Chunkz! They were both very humble and were quite free in their speech when talking about the upcoming release of The Purge, The Intent and Deno’s next steps but I wanted some gold dust, I wanted to know about Shiro’s Story…

NOTHING. They would not tell me a thing.



Couple nights after I went to my girl Ki‘s for Dinner, Cookie was there, we was catching up on the goss, Eastenders chat, cheeky zoot, learning and talking about where each of us where at in our lives. Cookie was pre occupied with her phone but Ki soon shifted that, she had us watching Shiro’s Story 1 & 2, Cooks kept diverting her attention though, so Ki had to keep rewinding it! loool

Is it a bit sad that I know certain bits off by heart?

Anyway after that I was hooked, obsessed, fanatic and tense about what was to come in Shiro’s Story part 3.

(Just putting it out there that I hope Netflix come through for Rapman, he has an amazing talent and vision and I would definitely watch!)

I was telling everyone about Shiro’s Story, put it on my socials and then I had my Girls, Mol & Dan round and we watched it (we haven’t had one of our music vid nights in agessss so we went through Rapman’s – Shiro’s Story and Cadet’s – Slut and Closure)

More and more friends on my instagram started paying attention to my posts about Shiro’s Story, I was having conversations with my Uber driver about it, he hadn’t seen it, we exchanged insta’s and I dm’d him what to put in google, im waiting on his feedback LOL, my girls went and had a Shiro’s Story screening at a friends house and it was really beautiful to notice, I thought to myself;

‘Im glad people are paying attention to something that is real and so amazingly executed’

Although it feels nice to potentially have a small influence, the real appeal is the artist’s story telling abilities matched with a visual that exceeds the viewers standards.

With this in mind I thought I would write a list of my FAVOURITE storytelling music videos.

Let me know what you think?


_103519421_shiro'sstory3--jamesjohndotco-bts0208     Rapman – Shiro’s Story – All parts


r-kellys-trapped-in-the-closet     R Kelly – Trapped in the closet – All chapters



maxresdefault   Bugzy Malone – Section 8 – All chapters 


ashanti    Ashanti – Rain on me – The Visual


Cadet-ClosureCadet – Slut, Letter to Krept, Krept’s Letter to Cadet, Closure


krept-and-konan-5-1393340235-view-1 .  Krept & Konan – My Story






[Insert meaningful relevant ending quote here]


[private joke with myself.]





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