Wednesday 13th June 2018

Ace Hotel, Shoreditch.


DJ Karnage picked me up with Scratchy 🙂 #dididie?

Off we went to DJ Targets book launch of ‘GRIME KIDS’ 

When we got there the queue was all the way down the road, and capacity had been reached by 9pm!

I was lucky and blessed enough to be rolling through with some of the roll deep crew, walking through Ace Hotel there were GRIME KIDS posters all around the gaff, some of Simon Wheatley’s most iconic and exclusive photographs of DJ Target and the Roll Deep Crew had been put on display, as well as Sir Wiley MBE’s bronze head.

roll deep.png
Roll Deep Crew photographed by Simon Wheatley

Targets book stand was set up by the side of the bar with a stack of GRIME KIDS books (I was itching to get my hands on one but I’d already pre ordered mine in to waterstones!)

This was actually a really important observation as the week before I was in class at NHAM and they made a point out of product placement, and it really did make sense to me. The book stand was positioned perfectly in sight, visible but made more visible with dimmed lights around it, something ill take into consideration if I ever get a chance to sell a book lol (the main point my lecturers made was to make sure your product is VISIBLE and not at the back of a rave or hidden by darkness.)

Amongst the crowd of guests and Targets supporters was Cadell, MY G Rebecca Judd, Shivz, Saskilla, Tinchy Stryder and Mr Wiley Senior. My gosh they could be twins. 

karnage slimzee book
DJ Karnage & DJ Slimzee Photographed by DMOP

Warming up the night DJ Slimzee was spinning some Garage (Absolute Ledge, couldn’t believe I was actually rubbing shoulders with him.) Theres always that one garage tune that makes me go all garage girl and gun fingers and he took it there;  Amira – My Desire.

Prosecco in hand, notepad on table I was just taking it all in, enjoying the garage bangers and mingling.

Next up babes on decks. 

Karnage took us fully back to the days of GRIME KIDS with old school GRIME ANTHEMS including Hype Hype, Ghetto Kyote, Crazy Titch – Singalong, and one of my many favourites from Dizzee Rascal’s Boy In Da Corner –  Stop dat!

I was introduced to Lady Ny, can you believe it? I was talking to her about what it is I do and how my blog went from a form of therapy to my whole entire life, she was telling me she’s working on some new projects, still making music & currently working on something very special! I was just standing there stunned thinking

‘…boy I used to take walks with my ipod  trying to imitate FAITH SFX’s beat from passion fruit or crying my eyes out to seasick or rapping along to be with you…’

LOOOOOOOL! I am so looking forward to hearing what Ny has to come! Such a beautiful voice and so humble!

Before Sir Spyro took over the crowd DJ Target got on the mic and gave out his special thank yous and wanted everyone to have a brilliant night, he kept it short and sweet telling everyone he wanted them to enjoy themselves and enjoy the book, Target was bigging up everyone supporting the culture for the last 20 years and it really did feel like a very proud moment for him! Everyone was allowed to have a flick through and purchase copies exclusively before the release date.

Target, Sir Spyro & Karnage photographed by DMOP

Spyro started the crowd up again with Kano – Ps & Qs (not that it took long to gas because everyone was gassed and in a great mood and lets be real, Kano – Ps & Qs = HYPE.)

Gunfingers shooting through the air as we heard ‘Sounds of the Sir!’

Saskilla got on stage spitting he’s legendary;


XMDFJHGKSEALWEIOAFJPNLJR – Thats how I felt, I wanted to punch someone in the face because of the adrenalin, just because I got to hear that live.


Nah, SAS you a real G with real gas bars!


Sir Spyro & Karnage then went back to back  – Do you understand the levels?

Couple Roll Deep tunes in and all the top donnys was spitting bars in front of the decks. MANGAS VERSE ON WHEN IM ERE. IT WAS SHUTDOWN! Danny Weed CREEPER! Nah this was a sick night of GRIME!





Discarda’s out and ill bang your father outttttt!!!!!!!

Always love hearing that LOOOOL

Next on with no introductions and ferocious mic grabbing, Scratchy & Jammer bouncing up and down the place, They both took they’re hair out and started swinging it about, LOOOOL imagine the dutty wine to grime. #LEDGE #BUN #sometimesletyourhairdown

I do always love seeing Scratchy and Jammer do whatever they wanna do, always bouncy and positive 🙂

As the night was drawing to an end, DJ Melody Kane stepped in and took over the decks, in her signature short hair waves and jersey style, this time a vibrant bright orange! Melody Kane got it pumping straight away with BRUK OFF YUH BACK!

DMOP was there getting some great photos all night and how lucky am I to get them exclusive to

Karnage & Sammi photographed by DMOP

As we were leaving we caught Target for a quick sec, he greeted me really warmly and gave us a copy each of GRIME KIDS! <3 #BIGLOVE

My highlights from the launch party are below

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