Monday 4th June 2018




Where do I start?

How about I was up at 7am (rare, eclipse type thing) myself and DJ Karnage went to pick up the mini bus and headed off to meet up with Francesca, Isobel, MB, Ola, Sharon, Tolks & Leon at Stratford Church to pick up the team. Grabbed a quick Mcd’s brekkie and off to Southampton we went!

I was up front with Karnage and we could hear the intense conversation the guys were having in the back about Kojo Funds and Yxng Bane, who’s better, you decide?

This conversation was so intense that I dropped asleep and woke up an hour later and it was still going on lool these guys are serious about music! 

We got to Heartbreakers, Southampton mid day, walked in and saw the beautiful

Laura White

starting one of her scenes on the ground floor looking HOT AF.


Upstairs Ms Banks was getting her fleek on by the team;

Dolly Essence – Make Up
Leon – Senior stylist
Carol  – Stylist assistant
Denise Dainty – Hair
Sharon –  Video content creator
Mariami – Assistant


Food and drinks were set up at the bar, them white choc and raspberry muffins went down a treat!

Iso was whizzing around the place helping out where she could (Diamond girl that one!) Ms Banks was in the mirror and I kept walking past not wanting to disturb her while she was getting ready, but by like the 5th time I walked past her I felt well rude so I said ‘hi’ and she was just really lovely as always, she remembered my face as well so that was nice!

The first scene was filmed downstairs with Laura and Ms Banks sitting on the bar looking heartbreakingly gorgeous.

Leon styled Ms Banks in a yellow Calvin Klein windbreaker paired with a pretty CK bralet, thong and skirt, finishing off the look with a 187mob anklet and Laura White in a sassy black dress – can’t go wrong with the LBD and pretty dusky pink booties!


I was sitting upstairs with Karnage while we were waiting for the ladies to have their outfit changes for the second part of the day, eating some of Sharons Jollof rice and veg.

I SWEAR DOWN  I NEARLY CHOKED. Not because I haven’t eaten jollof rice in a while (FYI its a tad spicier than your usual)

BUT because cheeky chappy Leon (Stylist) came over and put us right on the spot. You know what he said?

“So whats going on here then, are you two like best buddies or are you like boyfriend and girlfriend?”


I got all embarrassed and was like “erm haha yh.”
Karnage replied with a firm “YES.”
(erm, hi, babe, did you just claim me?) 

PANIC AND ANXIETY. I’ve got a real fear of rejection so dun kno I was over the mooooooon.

Fast forward 30 secs and I had to get out of there, went for a fag and got all giggly and stupid.

Sammi: You just called me your girlfriend.
Karnage: Yeah I know I want you to be.
Sammi: (tryna play it cool…) isiiiiiittttttttttt?
Karnage: Yeah do you wanna be my girlfriend?
Sammi: Hahahaha yeahhhhh 🙂

Reminds me of  a playground scenario, but I couldn’t help but be happy and smileeeeee. It was sweet and lovely, something I’m not used to. What a perfect afternoon.

P.S – Laura/Ms Banks – Can we get a live pa, as I’ve now chosen this song as our future wedding first dance. (money dash included?)

So back to filming the vid, the second half of the day was filmed upstairs, Laura had changed into a sexy silver number paired with Jimmy Choos and Ms Banks in a black CK bralet, high shine leggings and a gorgeous black and white fur jacket.

Ms Banks filmed her solo in front of the bright red lights, sauce levels on 100!


After Laura and Ms Banks had finished their solo shots, everyone got involved as part of the crowd for the performance scene (me and iso were gassed, like yep this is our time to shine and be the best crowd members we can be LOL) I volunteered to pass ms Banks the mic as she walked through the crowd to get to the stage and join Laura but I kept getting different directions so I missed that part and then it was scrapped.


It was so LIT, love the song so it was great to have it played fully in front of us, Ms Banks came thru and shut down with the money dash!

It was a long day I cant lie, but one of the best experiences I’ve had to date!

sammi karnage

MAJOR S/O to my girl Francesca, thank you for giving me the opportunity and MB for the photos ❤

I had a great time at the video shoot. The full video for Heartbreaker has just premiered on Complex, you can watch it here.





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