Sunday 20th May 2018

Barbican Centre.





BEAUTIFUL sunny day in London
(sun is shining, the weather is sweet yhhh…)


I met up with Shivz at Barbican Centre to talk about his newest album ‘Style & Finesse’

So there I was, with my wing girl Lauren and my Brother Billy trying to do a decent interview with lots of water and wind noises from the wind and fountains. I clearly didn’t think that through…

Shivz has given us a 12-track project showcasing 36 minutes of Magic! Some SICKKKK tracks and a load of Summer vibes. Shivz spoke to me about the producers he has worked with for this one including; Emeka Melon, Beto Beats and Greezy.

Shivz’s excitement came out when we was talking about radio play with Tim Westwood, Charlie Sloth and DJ Target, keep your ears open for Annihalate em!

Click here to listen to ‘Style & Finesse’


Shivz is a great character, really put me at ease while doing this, you can listen/watch our full convo below;





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