Ember Phoenix – Trap To The Future

Monday 13th May 2018

Notting Hill Arts Club

ember phoenix 1

Got to lesson and it was a listening party for Ember Phoenix‘s new album!

Trap To The Future

real ember

Myself, Francesca, Isobel, Benny & V got to have a full breakdown of the album, the concept and learnt a bit about Ember and this body of work, assisted by his dj, DJ SELF he ran the tracks and told us about the story and creative process behind some of his favourite tracks from the album.

First of all I LOVE the electric guitar and the catchy ‘I remember having sleep for dinner’

Sleep is about when he got kicked out at the age of 16 and used to be homeless, he also had a bit of a naughty past.

iso v

This ones about trying to find a way to continue, to push through. It means just getting on with it.

September 2017, Ember Phoenix was very unwell, he had been in hospital twice and the doctors couldn’t find out what was wrong with him. He recalls having wires everywhere and being in pain, eventually given a diagnosis that the cause of his illness was stress.

Ember described this one as being in cold city, on his own ting.

‘Had the devil in my ear, I was forced to reply’

‘own ting, grown ting.’

ember phoenix nham

Born in Trinidad, Ember fused his roots in with this one, produced by Nutty P.

Its a wavey summer track that he made last week when the sun was out.

Slightly slower vibe on this one, a question that Ember Phoenix asked himself was ‘what about those guys that just don’t really ever make it…?’

‘Chicken, chips and Mirinda, your life is finger lickin banter”

One of his older tracks and tells us about his thoughts on whats happening.

ember phoenix 1

My TOP 3 favourite from the album have to be;






real ember







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