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Saturday 14th April 2018





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Got to the Marbek store at like 2pm, Jammer nowhere in sight so I went and met Sophie from SRJ Music in Motion – Such a lovely brave young lady, she put a lot of hard work into the pr for the event and was so easy to talk to!


You could see that a lot of effort went into the pop up from Jammers team and E&J, from the setup, layout and the branding to the minute details of hashtags on bottles!

Sophie showed me around the Marbek store, looking at their latest collection, we both had our eyes on the camo section lol


With complimentary E&J Apple and Apple juice (the bang bang!) Sophie took me over to meet the store manager Sophie Ann (yes, 2 lovely Sophie’s!)

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Unfortunately I had missed DJ KAYLEE KAY’S set 🙁 but I found her in the midst of people arriving and had a little chin wag!

Did any of you see the Girls of Grime Cypher? No? WATCH IT. YOUTUBE. NOW.

I went outside for a fag, as I do… and then I see my G walking up the road!

DJ Vectra, he had some time to chat to me before he took over the decks.

It was great to catch up, he told me how his event RILLA has sold out 5 shows at ACE HOTEL and now the event needs a bigger venue!

Big congratulations my G!


Time was passing and more people showed up, I met a BEAUTIFUL girl called Giselle and she had the clearest skin I’ve ever seen in real life. Her tip – African black Soap. (dalstons due a visit.)

Jammer arrived! His usual positive jumpy self 🙂 with no time to waste he got straight into it and brang some new artists forward to perform! JamminMC came on, Vectra on the decks… I was like ‘yh this is LITTTTT!!!’


4 E&J refills later and I was nearly falling out the door. Well… I did fall out the door thankfully not onto the ground… (how embarrassing would that have been ffs?!)

Jammer gathered the crowd again and performed a few tracks from ‘ARE YOU DUMB VOL 5’ including SUMMER banger ‘Wave and Jaga’ which features Dizzle_ap.

I had a great time, the T-shirts and bottles looked sick!

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*All PROFESSIONAL photography credits go to TYSON PIX! Sick photographer <3



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