Wednesday 28th March 2018


Omeara Club

Myself and DJ Karnage went to watch Ms Banks Headline show at Omeara Club!

Warming up the crowd was Kenny Allstar and then Selecta Jay hyping everyone with ‘Mans Not Hot’

The crowd were screaming ‘BANKSY! BANKSY!’ excited for Ms Banks to come on stage.

(I was gassed not gonna lie, Ms Banks has been consistently making music for years, she has been putting in the work for years!

In my opinion, one of the BEST TALENTED females doing it!!!)

With her long red hair, big fur jacket and swag in her step, Ms Banks took stage…

Putting the most energy into her show she introduced us to Shauna Shadae and SNE for a live show of their track ‘Mi Like’

Performing her hit feature and my fave ‘Uno my style’ Ms Banks brang out Big Tobz!

As the night went on my eyes were peeled for who was in the crowd, I could see Krept standing by the stage like 3 people away from me… I also saw the beautiful Monikah Lee! Who is like the queen of reinvention right now, her different styles and looks fascinate me on the old insta, Monikah is the Founder of the @talkswithmonikahlee  show and an active  presenter and show host for LinkUpTV/BKCHAT & Radar Radio. We are hoping to work together on something soon so it was really nice to see her and buss a lil wine!

Keep an eye out!

Ms Banks performed her recent singles ‘Bangs’ ‘Fleek’ ‘Get Loose’  and ‘Come Thru’ with the crowd going mental!

I didn’t realise how sick all her fans were! Nah, they were proper going mental…

…The whole night.


Coming Thru OMEARA Club properly!

Ms Banks had glamorous outfit changes from the big fur jacket to the on trend camo and the saucy rally girl look!

A Grime girls paradise of features and live performances from the best in the scene right now! Well done girl! 

The night took a turn up to the next level when Suspect came out doing ‘Say It With Your Chest’ and then Skepta burst onto the stage straight into ‘One Way’ & ‘Look Alive’

Whilst I was doing my usual bits, stepping out for a cheeky fag and getting a drink I bumped into a long time friend of mine David who DJ’s for FUSE ODG. He’s done music ever since I’ve known him, we used to plot round Golden Lane youth club, was really good to see him!

I got back to our spot by the wall in time for Ms Banks to bring out Margs MT to perform ‘Pen Game 2’ – it went offfffffff! I could see Laughta bouncing along to vibes through the crowd.


 Ms Banks, Lisa Mercedes and Stylo G performed ‘Yu Zimme’ remix

The one that Nicki Minaj LOVES! and so do I 🙂

I had a proper sick night, vibes were soooo good!
Thank you to DJ Karnage and it was great to meet Selecta Jay!

You can watch my highlights from the show here





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