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I am supporting Brooke Rose Gregory in raising funds so that she will be able to get the treatment she needs in America.

Brooke has a rare form of Cancer known as Synovial Sarcoma which can affect the majority of her Arms and Legs around her Joints and Tendons.

Synovial sarcoma can occur anywhere throughout the body, but often near the knee.

A lump or swelling in the soft tissue of the body under the skin.

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The cancer has travelled to Brooke’s lungs and she is now Stage 4 with limited lung capacity.

Brooke is 24 years old, she is a bright young woman with a career in law ahead of her, she’s funny and a real credit to her family and friends.

Synovial Sarcoma is one of the rarest forms of Cancer with limited research and funding, if we all do a little, we can achieve a lot.

You can read about Brooke’s Story, her battle with Synovial Sarcoma and fundraising updates over on the GoFundMe page, set up by Brooke’s Family.

Please click here.

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Over the next couple of weeks, I will be working closely with Brooke on a few different ideas to raise as much money as possible to help her reach her goal to get the treatment she needs and deserves in America.

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We have a plan, but we need your help.



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