A Chat With NoisyDog

A Chat With NoisyDog

Noisydog & SG on Mental Health in the Music Industry




NOISY – I’ve been making music for the past ten years and during that time I’ve seen a lot of Artist’s struggle with Mental Health problems at different points in their lives.

I myself find it hard to stay strong and positive sometimes as the creative and music industry can take up a lot of energy and trying to fight the constant battles of continuous knockbacks and ‘near – breakthroughs’ can take its toll and be mentally draining.

SG – Some of the bad feelings that we identified that can make it hard for our support network to get through to us is feeling worthless, hopeless, anxious and finding it hard to function and concentrate at a level how a person normally would.

NOISY & SG – With the music industry booming and the social and party aspect side of it, drugs and alcohol are everywhere, sometimes it can be hard to control your intake and I’ve seen it lead to terrible addictions and rid the artists of their artistry.


In the case of mental health, what I think people need to understand is that it doesn’t just affect the person suffering the mental and physical symptoms of it, it affects our friends and family around us. If we don’t know how to take care of ourselves and look after ourselves when stuck in a rut it can be disastrous for everyone around us.

Communication breakdown is a hard one especially when you don’t have the knowledge or tools in place to help yourself or have the courage to reach out and ask for help. IN THE WORST CASES suicide can seem like the only resort and this needs to be combatted. All lives matter and no one should have to be alone and struggling to stay alive in their darkest hours.

We attended the Music Support/Musicares seminar and found that there are people doing their best to support anyone working in the music industry that experiences Mental Health suffering and Addictions.

NOISY – I hope that in 2018 we can raise awareness of this and really understand the help that is needed.

SG – I agree fully, and believe that the Music Support network should be trusted and contacted if you find yourself experiencing any of the above.



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