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The king has finally claimed the throne.

The second project from Birmingham artist Mayday is ‘RAINWORLDKING’. The success of the ‘Mayday: Up In RainWorld’ documentary, which showcased the concept of the project, is a derivative of what looks to be a game changing release. The lead single ‘Lead My Team’ gave an indication that the breath of fresh air that is ‘Mayday’ is welcomed into the Birmingham Grime scene with open arms.

As the project is laced with life experience and emotion, it crafts a combination that is often unheard from the multitude of sounds that come from the heart of the West Midlands. ‘RAINWORLDKING’ provides a glimpse into an experiment of sound and also a look into tropes that are rarely associated with Grime music. Mayday begins the project in a way that is consistent through ALL six tracks with strong storytelling. The influence of Yung Lean is noted in the opening track ‘Dusk’. A story heartbreak, turmoil and deceit provides a sombre opening that is then juxtaposed with the following track, ‘Mansa Musa’, being a relentless bar-heavy more traditional grime song. The consistency of storytelling over various tempos provides a glimpse at Mayday the human and Mayday the artist.

The momentum Mayday is currently carrying is a freight train that does not seem to show any signs of slowing down. His continuation of carving out his own lane shows the tireless work ethic matched only by aspirational level of passion of which Mayday possesses. The ‘Up In RainWorld’ documentary opened the project with unrivalled insight that the ‘RAINWORLDKING’ project is looking to showcase over various experimental sounds.

This 6 track EP has been going through my ears for the past few weeks, I was ummin and ahhin between what track is my favourite and the one that has stuck for me is ‘Forever Nomad‘ the beat is a similar sound to some of our favourite Grime tracks when it had just became a sound, 2005 – riddims at its rawest.

I feel it has an influence of ‘Functions on the low”  and Mayday has created this variant and put his emotions fully into his bars.

Maydays creativity, emotion and talent are evident as ever in this story of RainWorld.

This is the next episode in the journey.





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