NHAM Networking @ KOKO

Thursday 18th January 2018

The NHAM Networking Event

KOKO – Camden


Me and Fran came straight from lesson to the NHAM Networking event at KOKO, cheeky free drink with the wristband on entry!

Bulmers in a plastic pint cup, them ones 😉

NHAM put this mixer on so that everyone in the music industry has a chance of getting acquainted. Which is another brilliant opportunity they’ve provided us with. Thanks guys!!


So, Francesca and I found Noisy, already making contacts and letting people know he was THERE. He introduced us to a young woman called Nikki who has been working extremely hard in her current A&R role, she told me how much she has to travel back and forth and how important it is to bring back the right talent. She seemed like she really enjoys what she is doing but mentioned how it can be a big risk if you don’t bring in the goods and word gets about, it could leave your career in serious tatters.


We spotted Mr. John Saunders who is the main man responsible for curating this event and thanked him, such a happy guy. We kind of followed Mr Saunders around until we felt like it was an appropriate time to ask for a picture.

A few bands were playing, one of them were called HydroCele I think, they were really good, live music is the best in KOKO. Ive been to a few shows here and its always brilliant. Not forgetting how STUNNING it actually is inside.

Finally found Iso, Jeffery and Madison around the place, everyone was introduced to Sarah and had met John, I constantly say this but, GOOD VIBES. 

In between chatting, listening and a few cheeky alcoholic beverages we took photo’s and said hello to everyone that walked past…

We also got our classical beauty Iso to unleash her inner G and rudeboy pose! #Exclusive

Me, Jeffery & Iso

The clock struck 12 midnight, so we decided one by one it was time to slip home. Although I didn’t go home. No. I went to Mcdonald’s, set up the wifi started typing and demolished a Chicken Legend.



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