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Man like OUTSIDER! – The Birmingham-based producer is bringing a storm with his EP ‘ARMOURY’ dropping on the 10th February 2018 under Dexplicit’s DXP label.

Outsider sent me and a few others the link to be the first to hear it.

As a true Grime fan all I can say is BRAAPPP!!!!!!!


Staying true to the 140BPM the track entitled ‘ROTTWEILER’ is… How can I describe it… Ferocious? Vicious? Grimey? Absolute riddim, my favourite from the EP. 

This is a 3 track instrumental EP consisting of heavyweight, hard, viscous Grime music reminiscent of it’s primary years surrounding clash culture & pirate radio.

If you like high-energy grime then this one’s for you as the label owner himself says ‘trust me, it bangs’.

The whole EP has got that 2005 raw grittiness to it.

MC’s defo keep an ear and an eye out for this when it drops. I guarantee your gonna want these beats. I don’t even need to gas it because the sound is mental, it will speak for itself when it drops.

The EP will continue to grow from Outsider’s 2017 highlights, including BBC 1Xtra air time via Sian Anderson, BBC Introducing coverage & Spotify’s addition of “Avirex & Akademiks” to their official Grime Instrumentals playlist.

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