Music has become more dominant in popular culture in recent years and we as music consumers, are consuming very fast!!

With streaming taking over, were about to see the download age diminish.

Backed up by streams, stats and insights its been proven that, we as music buyers are more happy to pay £10 a month on most streaming services for a massive catalogue of accessible music, across genres, with playlists ready made. (Im a big fan of playlists)

We can now discover our own PERSONAL tastes of music styles and genres and its never been easier to listen to music across the globe. As opposed to paying £10 for one physical album from a small selective genre, you can see the appeal. 

Because of these insights it has created a stir, and you yourself will be able to identify trends and patterns in music. 1500 streams now equate for one sale so its easier to spot who’s making an impact with their music.

Likes, comments and interaction on social media all play their part, and now your feeds are designed to show you more of what you like, what you might like and whats popular.

If your interested in testing out your music mogul abilities give it a go yourself and see how your list compares to the BBC Sound of 2018 which is BBC Music’s annual list showcasing the most exciting and innovative rising stars. 

The Sound Of list started in 2003 with the aim to showcase the most exciting rising stars in music. 16 years later, and the aim is the same – to continue predicting some of the biggest and most exciting global superstars including previous winners Adele, Sam Smith, Ellie Goulding, HAIM, Years & Years and their first ever unsigned winner in 2017 Ray BLK. The acts that appear on Sound Of are all hand-picked by a panel of impartial music industry experts from around the world.

The 2018 Sound Of Longlist will be revealed on Monday 27th November 2017. The Top 5 will be revealed on BBC Radio 1 from Monday 8th January 2018.

SO, my whole class were asked to make their predictions and submit to create a special NHAM Sound of 2018 list.

What are my predictions on who’s going to blow commercially and receive radio support and be offered 360 deals in 2018? 

In no particular order…

  1. Dave

  1. Mostack

  1. Belly Squad

  1. Avelino

  1. Loyle Carner

  1. Cadet

  1. Ms Banks

  1. Fredo

  1. Kyze

  1. Ebenezer

  1. A2

  1. Ard Adz

  1. Hunter and The Bear

  1. Kojo Funds

  1. Mullaley


Please comment and let me know what you think, who would you have on your list?



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