Pillow Talk.


You want to rest your heavy head, and rest your heavy heart;

Its been a long day, new faces, new conversations, trying to hit the hay but wondering if your words had triggered persuasion…

The battles of the night, body wants rest but the thoughts simmer, brains doing over time and yes, the thoughts they get dimmer, down to no hope, not even a glimmer, no sparkles, no magic, no sprinkles, no shimmer… next thing you know, wide awake thinking about all the failures… hours pass, you try not to glance

at your phone, the old dog n bone, thats tucked neatly under the pillow, screaming subconsciously ‘go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep, fuck all that counting sheep, I aint no friggin fire starter but I can’t get no sleep!’

The cold side of the pillow, its a magical thing, once its changed over, the thoughts change over, thoughts wearing thin, thinking about V and how she sings…

she’s felt pain and I have too, I wonder what her life was like? its a bit rude, to intrude, on the pain we all desperately want to not feel. but its authentic, its real, someone who can convey emotion that makes you feel.

Simmer down now, its time for slumber, don’t think about that DM, dumb boy asking for my number. Don’t remember how they treated you, but also don’t forget. Turn the page darling, release the negative effect.

Pain won’t change the world tonight, quieten down your thoughts old girl, reserve your energy and

rise again.

when you stir to the birds, and the sunlight stings your eyelids, waking up to the same thoughts that disturbed your rest…

Put it to bed.

You are strong and the war goes on.

The mornings need a soldier.

And that you are.


via Daily Prompt: Simmer

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