A Ghoulish Transition.


All Hallows Eve,

A crisp October evening, the kids in the ends trick or treating, manners on smash so we say HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Thank you and bye when were leaving…

Kicking up the piles of leaves, autumnal tones that fell from the trees..

Ghosts and Ghouls, Witches and Cats, I remember mum saying “girls don’t forget your hats!”

Bin Bags and eyeliner a common tradition, sheets cut with holes and black cats on a mission. Knocking on doors and the tapping on windows, the boys from the blocks being a nuisance to shopkeepers, everyone on their toes, they’ve got eggs, flour, omg NO!

Running round the estates, knocking on as many doors as they can, the kids are smart, theres no light on lets move on.

Devils dancing and clowns prancing, apple bobbing and thriller walking. Pumpkins carved and lit for the night, some make soup from the stuff inside, slimey and orange and full of pips, yeah ill give that a go, ew its stringy and thick.

That age came quick, where you don’t know when to make the transition. Can I still trick or treat or is it now forbidden? fancy dress stays although more flesh starts to show, making sure you knew his door, knocking before he goes. Alcohol becomes fun and you’re not a kid anymore, ‘Mean Girls‘ said it so it must be fine, maybe ill show some more…

Looks like you’ve made A Ghoulish Transition to the Halloween Whore. 




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