As part of the entry requirement to NHAM (Notting Hill Academy of Music) I had to produce a document that explained my understanding of PRS & PPL which has been posted seperately and a short presentation on 5 UNSIGNED Artists that I think will blow in the next 18 months.

Minus the Google Slides, the Artists, content & reasons are below for anyone that’s interested…

This short blog focuses on five artists that I believe have the potential to blow up in the music industry over the next 18 months.

I have sourced these artists through various events and networking and making use of my existing contacts.


Mikes Roddy


  • This artist has recently released an album entitled ‘Motorway Trips 2’ consisting of 13 songs.
  • I was introduced to his music today, the artist originates from Camden Town and has been consistently making music.
  • I would generalise this artists sound as UK hip hop and current, there is a likeness to the Weekend, but with a little gritty edge.
  • The album is available to listen to on Spotify and Apple Music.
  • I only got to listen to this music in my cousins car today, 2 tracks that stood out for me were ‘Motorway Trips’ and ‘Codeine’ 
  • Mikes music was also recently sent to Anthony Portelli owner of M.I.RAW records and he shared agreement that Mikes had a good start and could blow with the right development and people.
  • From seeking feedback from my Snapchat viewers, cousins and library friends I felt that Mikes Roddy would be a good candidate for this list.




  • I have been following Krucials Journey over the past two years, his music roots are Grime and is known at BBC 1XTRA for just turning up and spraying ill bars.
  • Some of my favourites from Krucial are his remix on ‘Wifey Riddim’ from around 2005, his mixtape entitled ‘Top of the compass’. I also listen to ‘Pay Me’ and ‘Talk Too Much’
  • Considering his musical roots, I was pleasantly surprised when he released ‘Closer’ which is what I call a bit of ‘mellow grime’ infused with garage and funky house.
  • ‘Closer’ is the reason why I have added Krucial on this list as I personally feel that Donaeo is bringing back funky house for the next generation and this song fits in to the re emergance of funky house whilst having a grime root, which I feel popular culture is about to slyly move away from and fuse into funkyhouse and UK Rap.
  • You can listen to Krucial Kidd via Spotify, Apple music and Youtube.




  • George Landy started out with songwriting and naturally merged in to performing his own songs.
  • Alongside Cultured ink he has been producing his own music for the past couple of years, working with the likes of Alexa Barrett, DDutch and Professor Green.
  • George is a musical all rounder and his sound is quite versatile.
  • More recently George has been promoting his self, performing as a supporting act for Tiff The Gift.
  • You can find links to his work on Instagram @georgee_Landy




  • I recently started listening to Lottie Jade when I came across her J Hus covers.
  • Lottie has a fresh young RnB sound.
  • She is from Surrey and started out singing to her classmates.
  • You can listen to her on Youtube and find her on Instagram @isthatlottie


The Indien


  • I first saw and heard The Indien whilst networking at the NME LIFEHACKS event.
  • The Indien were supporting Tinie Tempah and DisturbingLDN that evening.
  • At the time I listened to them I don’t believe they were signed but according to todays research, they are. This rock/blues acoustic band are very soulful and created a nice ambience when they performed. Although they are now signed, I would’ve liked to have included them in this list for that reason.


P.S This was an assignment and my personal view, there is so much more substance to these artists than what I have written, you just need to listen to understand.


P.P.S – I did get accepted onto my course for this though 😉



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