What a fitting title to use on a post dedicated to an update on the Godfather of Grime, Wiley?

I attended the show @ KOKO, Camden… It felt like the kick start of a new chapter for Wiley & his collective Roll Deep Crew.


I’d never been in KOKO before, I have to mention how beautiful the structure/architecture of the building is on the inside. It’s stunning and has a classic Opera House feel and decor.

The vibe soon changed and KOKO was home to the Grime scene for the night.


I managed to get my girl Nikita to roll with me, we were late but hadn’t missed much. Scratchy and DJ Karnage long time members of Roll Deep hyped up the crowd, Scratchy’s reputable throat throttle geared up fans instantaneously whilst DJ Karnage was showing his artistry in spinnin instrumentals and tracks, perfectly in sync with Scratchy.

Scratchy has been one of my faves from day dot, hearing him perform ‘B.U.N‘ live was like weird, I remember thinking to myself “Rah, these are some of my favourite bars uno”. Joined by Discarda, the C A Double N O N notoriously known for his loud/angry style of spittin’ took the fans hype to the next level #elbowed. Manga pleased the masses of Roll Deep fans when he was spittin ‘When I’m Ere’. Shortly after Ice Kid came out, never fails to deliver and the cold kid literally spits ice and fast.

Mosh pits had been formed, arms were everywhere and my short self was enduring elbow bangs and was uncertain of my footing and stability (LOL… The crowd were serious, as was Nikita.)

Wiley came on, We decided to go upstairs to one of the boxes to get a better view and enjoy the performance. Staying true to himself, Wiley burst on the stage in a grey tracksuit and hat, grabbed the mic and with no delay got straight into it.


I can’t describe the elevation of the hype. Watching the crowd down below, their reactions to Wiley’s bars was like nothing I’ve ever witnessed before. Absolutely nuts. I can remember feeling something, that I have only felt a handful of times that only certain artists can make me feel. When I get to see someone with so much musical capabilities live it just blows my mind, someone who’s music has had such an impact on my life. I had the same feeling when I went to see Krept & Konan at their first show in Islington  02 Academy, the same feeling when I watched Ashanti live at the o2, that very same feeling I first ever felt when I went to Craig David’s concert at Wembley in 2001. Wiley performing live at this miraculous time for the  world of Grime that he created, is definitely a ‘moment’.

Fan’s were treated to a performance of Wiley’s latest track ‘Can’t Go Wrong’ which was made public the day before, premiering on DJ Logan Sama’s radio show on BBC Radio 1Xtra.

Highlights from Wiley’s show @ KOKO are shown in his new music video for ‘Cant Go Wrong.’

One of my personal favourite’s is Wiley’s –  ‘Pies.’  I love all the early stuff and ‘Treddin’ On Thin Ice’ is a Grime all time classic album. When I first discovered Grime, ‘Pies’ was one of the first songs I listened to and was like wow this guy is different, putting his Eski sound with the chorus being an old sort of rhyming song that I don’t know where it came from but I learnt from family (does that make sense – I used to hear family members singing “who ate all the pie’s? who ate all the pie’s? you fat bastard, you fat bastard, you ate all the pies” ), it’s so catchy, as a Grime starter back then it was the first track I’d heard that had a certain jokiness but seriousness about it , something a bit more lighthearted. ‘Pies’ was easily drilled into my head. So yeah I thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing on the bars turning to Nikita, and asking her ‘Who ate all the pies?’

Undeniably the fan base and audience deserve medals, everyone was spittin along with Wiley, aside from the mosh pit madness there was passion in the sound of the crowd, excitement and total insanity.

Wiley proceeded to bring the best of the best out including Chip, Ice Kid, BBK & P Money. With a Grime All Star line up including Skepta who had won the Mercury Prize Award 2016 the night before; it was a show that went from hype, to Hype, to HYPE, then HYPE!!! #MoshpitMadness it’s not a joke, JME performing ‘Man Dont Care’ was a myth, banger obviously but JME & Wiley braved entering the moshpit, after someone from the crowd had already thrown something at him… well, they soldiered the crowd and managed to get back to the stage.

Wiley & BBK members Skepta, JME, Frisco, Shorty & Jammer took us back to 2009 when they executed fans with their renowned lyrics from ‘Too Many Man’


Wiley has released his new video for his latest track ‘Cant Go Wrong’ featuring cameo’s from Roll Deep, Skepta and JME.

Godfather (4/11/2016) is available to pre order now on iTunes.

The Godfather of Grime has been nominated to win the MOBO award for ‘Best song – 3 Wheel ups Ft Kano and Giggs.’  You can vote here.

Later… With Jools Holland with Wiley and friends on his live show tonight (27/09/2016) BBC2 10PM!

With his headline show at KOKO a massive success, Wiley has gone a step further and announced a promising bigger and better headline show at the Roundhouse, Camden in February 2017. Tickets on sale from 9am Monday 28th September.




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