GG Roundup.

Recently, I’ve plunged myself in to the scene, enjoying myself and learning some new shit. 8 weeks ago I wasn’t able to use Logic Pro X, I wasn’t able to compose a beat, I had some confidence but ZERO music technology skills, I didn’t have the confidence to approach artists or creatives and I had no idea how to express my complicated thoughts and feelings.

During the past 8 weeks I have very proudly progressed. I’m not 100 percent with Logic Pro X but I can compose a beat (I’ve made two :)), I know what an Oscillator is, I’ve learnt about the structure of composing Grime instrumentals, my confidence has lifted and it’s become a natural thing for me to approach musically drawn and driven people, same way people are approaching me. I have been to some events that have been so good for networking and showcasing new talent, I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed seeing artists perform and evolve.

My ‘GG Roundup‘ is more a document for reflection and self awareness, but I feel like people are actually interested in what I’m doing now.


Hungover Jams: Jade Avia

I was with my old school friend Rochelle and Rowan, we met up at Boxpark, Shoreditch, listened to a set from Future Sounds then proceeded to Jade’s event held at the Queen of Hoxton, I arrived after a few lovely ladies had already performed. #gutted


I did get to see Gabi’el and Gabriella Vixen perform.

Gabi’el has a very distinct sound and a hippie’ish vibe, her voice is amazing and I imagine her aura looks like rainbow’s and space galaxie’s.

Gabriella Vixen… I was blown away, this lady has powerful vocals and I learnt the words to her song ‘maybe’ very quickly. Uno when you hear a voice that just makes your hairs stand on end. That was what happened when I heard Gabriella Vixen.



On a random one, I was passing through Boxpark, Shoreditch and came across GoddessFest, hosted by Kaiya Milan surrounded by lots of lovely ladies in the music scene. I was so happy I came across this event. There were some inspirational talks from a group of ladies, wanting to help and guide women amongst them in the music industry.

There were some powerful voices showcased throughout the event, sadly I didn’t catch any names but this movement is definitely worth a mention, for anyone that may benefit from Goddessfest and its mentors, contacts are as follows:

GoddessFestUK Official Twitter account.

Kaiya Milan’s Official Twitter account.



Krucial_K1DD & Myself

Myself and MollieMolz caught up with Krucial, you can read our full interview here;



LAST MINUTE DOT COM… I was invited to the launch party for the new revolutionary Dr Marten boot which was held on Thursday 1st in Shoreditch, the same date as the boots official worldwide release. The event had performances from London LEGEND’s Ghetts & Sharky Major, up and coming artist Jammz & So Large and also DJ’s JackDat and Sir Spyro showcasing the new market who are opening up to this street-ready collection. Check out the collection here:

I think its safe to say Ghett’s is one of the hypest on the mic, absolute beast. As soon as I heard ‘Colt 45‘ (One Take) that was it. Shutdown already and he’d only sprayed 2 words. Reloaded 3 times. The crowd was just carrying on his bars. It was actually EPIC. Fully enjoyed myself!

Wretch32 – Growing Over Life launch party.

Randomly invited, rolled on my ones, met some cool people. JD & Coke – essential for the nerves. Hosted and managed by NOISEY LONDON. I was surrounded by major artists such as Jessie J, Professor Green and Bashy. Enjoying the evening calmly, waiting for Wretch to start the night.

As soon as Wretch entered the stage, Braaaaap’s and clapping. I think everyone was so grateful for the music and so proud. Wretch 32 is one of our own homegrown artists who strived to be heard and excercised his unique versatility throughout the years. For me personally, this was a winning moment.

After performing a few tracks, Wretch declared a TUN UP… partying with the crowd, the likes of Stormzy, Konan & Avelino interacting with fans, just enjoying life and its success. It was really exciting to be a part of it. I also had the opportunity to speak with Skepta, who told me about his plans to tour Australia and how life has been crazy recently.

I caught 2 of my #WomanCrushErydaaaay the gorgeous Maya Jama, who recently smashed one of her goals and became the new presenter of the MTV Wrap up & the soulful Jade Avia who is continuing to knock out new artist’s with so much potential, building up her content with #HungoverJams! Both of these ladies are so inspiring and on point with what they are doing! Absolute pleasure.


My evening was going great, then it got even better. GIGGS. I was trying so so soooooo hard to control my fan behaviour #shootme. I just thought fuck it, went up to him, congratulated the ‘Landlord’ on his achievements and thanked him for the music, I told him that his music around 2006/07 really helped me through some shit and he was genuinely pleased and glad that his music effected change!



Music Production Fast Track course.

This course has actually been a learning roller coaster for me. I’ve struggled with grasping concepts and using ‘correct terminology‘ and, Logic Pro X still seems to be an unresolved mystery. I’ve taken in advice from some of the best DJ’s in the scene and actually stuck to my plan, reached my deadlines and completed the course.

I did enjoy this more than I thought I would because I was able to incorporate my passion into the work I was set. Pressure was immense and I had no time to entertain my fears, a call to long time Grime DJ Karnage clarified my questions as one know’s his stuff.

DJ Vectra helped me produce my first composition which was my interpretation of Wiley’sMorgue‘.

section boyz noisey.png

SECTION BOYZ  – Where do I start? Basically Section are the soundtrack to majority of my car rides with Mol & Dan. Free tickets? Local?  Of course we went. They are born entertswift.jpgainers, so much energy.

The crowd were rappin’ along with the bars. Moshpit madness, crowd surfing and champagne spraying. Definitely a successful evening for the SECTION 6.





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