A Chat With Lady Shocker

With a suitcase full of bars and clashes, wins, diss tracks and kilos of experience, its definitely her time to shine again. Lady Shocker has just dropped her new EP titled Queen Of The Pack. Available to purchase on iTunes.

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Lady Shocker photographed by Simon Wheatley.

What’s your name, where are you from?

For the readers that would like a bit more background info on Lady Shocker I’ve made a little list of some of my personal favourites I think everyone should check out;

  • Lady Shocker Hype Session 2012 sending for Lady Killer – LOTM4.
  • Logan Sama After Hours 2012 – LOTM4.
  • Lady Shocker Vs Xtra 2014 – WAW. 
  • Bru-C Vs Lady Shocker 2015 – Clash Money.


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