Golden Boys: Simon Wheatley & The Square

Friday 13th May 2016 –

I was delighted to be given details of this rare opportunity; Every-man cinema @ Screen on the Green played host to a sneak preview of Simon Wheatley’s contemporary yet elusive project, named Golden Boys. This project follows up and coming talented mc’s from The Square, documenting their growth and displaying how they overcome any barriers that they face and highlighting moments of glory, success and triumph.

One of Simon Wheatley’s famous shots of the Roll Deep Crew.

So, I brang my two besties along, Mollie and Danielle… both not sure what to expect.

We entered the Screen on the Green, mad buzzing vibes all over the place, comfy armchair type seats that you could sink into and enjoy the surroundings. The lights were dimmed, DJ Champion spinning some old skool grime classics as people crowded in and took their seats. (I was actually in my seat bussin a little gun finger skank to Ps&Qs at this point)

Some of you may or may not know who Simon Wheatley is… In a nutshell Simon is a skilled photographer and writer (Don’t Call Me Urban – 2010) who documented the step up of the grime culture since 1998 and captured some of the most impressive moments in the history of grime. If you would like to find out more about Simon Wheatley you can find lots of information using Google and Wikipedia.

Simon & Myself after the screening, shot of Wiley in the background.

The evening started with a Q&A session where Simon spoke about the evolution of grime, treated us to a showing of some of his previous works such as photographs from the book Don’t Call Me Urban, music videos and also gave the audience an introduction on Lewisham based MC crew The Square, featuring Elf Kid and Blakie.

DON’T CALL ME URBAN – Simon Wheatley

(At this point I was in my element and my thirst for knowledge of all things grime was being quenched! My besties were intrigued also and there was a lot of positivity brought about which was credible as grime can be seen as a negative genre associated with a lot of aggressiveness and confrontation.)


The sneak preview of Golden Boys was a documentary style film that pursued the life of The Square. Up and coming mc’s Elf Kid, Blakie, DeeJillz, Lolinga, Streema, General Courts and Faultsz are the ingenious talent that make up the collective. 

(Before I came to the screening I didn’t know much about these guys and learnt soooo much. Don’t sleep on their tunes ‘Lewisham Mcdeez’ and ‘Pengaleng’ VERY CATCHY. You can thank me or shoot me later.)

The evening started winding down with a more casual Q&A with Elf Kid, Blakie and Discarda. The audience was very involved and receptive, from my understanding Discarda is sort of mentoring the guys and helping them reach new heights, with his history in making grime music, the knowledge, advice and guidance seems priceless, Elf Kid and his crew have struck gold with the enlightenment and kindness of Discarda. DEFINITELY ones to watch.

Q&A with Simon, Blakie, Discarda & Elf Kid

Blakie and Elf Kid carried the night on with a live performance, a lot of the audience were up near the stage singing along and vybzin’. There was so much energy on that stage you could feel it pulsing through the whole cinema.

Myself & Discarda 

All in all – 10/10 these guys have been working hard, their ethic is unteachable.

To contact/follow any of the above artists please click on the relevant link below;

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The Square Official Instagram account

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