A Chat With NU:GEN – Get2KNO

A Chat With NU:GEN – Get2KNO

OK, so we went to visit the guys at NU:GEN studio, Lorie aka Silent B showed us around the studio as it was my first time meeting everyone and I wanted to know exactly what was going down at NU:GEN studio.

Lorie was finishing up a photo shoot with camera man Jamie Farrelly, so I sat downstairs in the studio with Danny & Connor just having a general chit chat. The guys had all sort of finished for the day and were chilling having a casual drink. An artist out of the booth, he’d just finished laying down some lyrics and joined us.


A short while later Lorie came down to the studio, was very courteous and polite, got everyone a drink and made us all feel welcome and relaxed. Lorie lives at the studio and is very actively involved in everything that goes on there so I was keen to converse with him and pick his brain a little. Lorie was genuine and expressed a lot of his thoughts and opinions. Here’s what he had to say;


It was time to get down to business, Lorie was just as excited and enthusiastic as we were which was admirable.

He grew up in Hertfordshire, stated that he had “Always loved Grime music, and wanted to live in Central London.” When I asked why? his face instantaneously lit up, the passion was seeping through every word, the vibe was undeniably positive at an extreme. Lorie explained that “London is where its at, Grime central, and I told myself if that’s what I want to do, then I’m living in London. Everything is so accessible here.”

We took a break from the discussion, Lorie played us his new tune that Danny & Connor also MC on, the new track is called ‘The Shore’ and unlike most Grime tracks does not consist of 140 BPM but is a bit more placid and serene. After this track, the guys showed us one of their first ever tracks that had visuals made for it, its called “Playing Games” it features all of the guys, a few different scenes, sitting at a table playing cards on a picturesque rooftop in Clerkenwell with views of the City and Barbican on a dreary dismal day. Another scene depicts the trio playing monopoly, which worked really well with their wordplay in the track. The last scene is filmed with the guys singing and rappin in a deserted, derelict greenery. The beat paints an intense picture of sorrow and an undarkened expression of thoughts and feelings.

It seriously showed that the guys here at NU:GEN were dedicated and passionate, they are making an impact and have kept themselves humble and ridiculously funny (cough*CONNOR*cough)

Taking the time to really understand Lorie’s ethics and goals was in effect, genuine and without a doubt inspiring. When asked about his goals and achievements Lorie responded quick time and acknowledged that he actually had achieved one of his life long dreams, speaking on this he said;

“One of my major goals was to work with Ghetts and Devlin, at first I didn’t know how I was gonna do it, and I thought it would be one of those things that might not even ever happen, but it did, a lot sooner than I expected, and I got to work with the 2 people I was aspiring to work with at the same time. GHETTS AND DEVLIN AT THE SAME TIME ARE YOU MAD!? I produced Crudd Central on Ghetts album Momentum 2 – The Return Of Ghetto (2014). That whole process was like a dream come true, I produced a sick track that featured Ghetts and Devlin alongside other Grime MC favourites inclusive of Rival, Griminal, Roachie, So Large, Narse, Hitman and Hyper. The track is a madness, definitely a massive achievement for me.”

Time was getting on, Lorie had an artist arriving shortly that was due to start recording so I was getting ready to leave, thanking everyone for their time, effort and support. I managed to get a few contacts that would be decent if I could get their input and work with them. (might have to slide up in the DM’s boi…)

Anyway, so I thought it was time to go. But NO… Tunes started coming on, SammiGG was playing the role of DJ and banged on some old skool Grime tracks. KANO. Ps & Qs blaring. everyone was up rappin along, some old skool Dizzee, Bruza, D Double E, Wretch32 etc… the list is literally endless. So it was party party whilst the Grime was on but unfortunately it had to end at some point, man like Patrick arrived hoping to get in the booth so we took that as our exit.

A Dream Come True.

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