There’s a history and a story behind the brand that is family orientated and has a lot of culture built into it.

The brand is owned by Levi & Aaron, 2 friends from Hackney that are relaunching the brand Levi’s brother Joshua Delvin-Atille had started, sadly Joshua passed away in 2013 and they have incorporated his legacy in to the brand.

Aaron and Levi have specifically chosen to use 100% earth positive organic cotton for all garments, one of their aesthetics is that the quality has to be of high standard and that the garment must be sustainable. They customise a lot of the clothes and maintain all principles in every item.


DEDICATED 1987′ have collaborated with Miles Khan and have produced a ‘pill’ collection. This is my personal favourite, the concept had not been taken out of context, its very bold and retro yet understated. They have also designed T-shirts for Hackney City Farm that are available to buy in the gift shop.


DEDICATED 1987′ have recently been collaborating with award winning theatre actors from The Jersey Boys, the cast were seen sporting the brands t-shirts that had been customised for them whilst on their UK tour.



Once viewing the brand and hearing the story behind it and what they stand for, DEDICATED 1987′ have been supported by the likes of the TEN TIMES JIU JITSU World Champion Roger Gracie and Team Gazelle GB at the Desert Rally! Aaron & Levi are definitely ones to watch this year as the brands growth spurts across the UK.



Make sure you visit my blog often for more updates and to see the growth of D87. Lots more to come!

For any purchases or questions please go to DEDICATED 1987′ Facebook page


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